Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News Of The Stupid

Armed With A Toy Gun, 11 Year Old Kid Attempts Scooter Jacking

The above video had me rolling on the floor. The Cincinnati Enquirer has the print story here.

Do you really believe all the crap the Obama camp followers have been spewing about how the economy and the housing market are improving? If you do, you may want to rethink the line you've been fed after you read this: Buy A House, Get A Free Bentley Convertible.

On top of that, Arizona plans on selling the state capitol in order to balance the budget.

The above is from Womples. If you really need a laugh, head on over and view the results of making everything "fool-proof". Yes, the fools keep multiplying, and here's the proof.

Pimp Paid Teen Prostitute With Chicken Nuggets.

I have nothing to say to that, except it shows you the quality of the educational system. My Lord, how stupid do you have to be? Chicken Nuggets?

Naked Cowboy Announces Bid To Become New York Mayor

Easy there Cowboy! With some of the stories that have circulated about previous NYC Mayors, there's probably been enough opportunities for someone with your qualifications to get through the door without having to actually hold office. You might have had to hold something else though. Maybe the "staff" of office?

Waiter! There's A Condom In My Soup!

Viva La France!

Men Plan To Cross English Channel In A Boat Made Of Sheep Crap

Waste not, want not.

Girl Falls Into Manhole While Texting.

And they say driving and texting don't mix.

Airbed Blows Up Apartment

Thank God he didn't try the same stunt with an inflatable doll!

Perfume Hospitalizes 34 People.

And you thought the old lady at the theater was bad.


Maitreya said...

Holy crap dude, I was warned that things would get surreal, but this is just too much.

Sometimes all you can do to deal is find the humor in the situation.
Thanx for the laugh...

Maitreya said...

I would SO vote for the naked cowboy. Can't be any worse than what we've got.

ErinAndBrad said...

LMAO! Thanks Cat!!

Anonymous said...

Like they you can't fix stupid. Great bad they were true.

Ken said...,has to be true,couldn't make this shit for the links/laffs Brother