Monday, July 27, 2009

More Tazer Terrorism

Audio Of Boise Police threatening to sodomize a man with a Tazer.

Read the story here at the

I just don't know about "law enforcement" anymore. To be quite frank, I'm more fearful of a cop than any thug I run across.

It's one thing to battle some crack head gang member who might be able to round up ten of his buddies to do a drive by.

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It is entirely another thing to go up against some power crazed, 'roid enhanced gym monkey wearing a badge who can literally call down an army on some poor bastard with a broken tail light.

I don't know if any cops read this or not, but for Pete's Sake, do you realize how many people you are alienating with your behavior?


idahobob said...

These criminal thugs, should be treated and prosecuted just like any one else. No free pass just because they wear a badge.

Here is another link to the story:

These animals should be arrested on the spot, and charged with nothing less than, sodomizing, penetration with a foreign object, assault, assault with intent......

As citizens of the great state of Idaho, my DW and I are angered and ashamed that something like this not only happened in our state, but has obviously swept under the rug,

We have contacted the Sheriff of Ada County, the Prosecutor of Ada County and the Governor of the state, demanding that these animals be brought to justice.

If nothing happens, I firmly believe that it is waaaaay past time for the individual citizens to take control of the situation.

Read whatever you want to from that statement.

I know that I am tired, fed up and had it up to HERE with these JBT's being totally out of control.

They are supposed to "Protect and Serve", not, "Abuse and Assault".


Ken said...

...lots of these abuses happening more and more,all one has to do check the net,in all states and communities,sad part is 99% are 'covered up'...i've got buds in blue,they're as pissed at these events as we are...that being said i've told those clowns that when TSHTF,they better not show up in 'uniform' or they will be fired on...they laugh it off and say they'll be on 'our' side of the lines...i don't laugh when i say lets hope so...

Bitmap said...
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Bitmap said...

I have a relative high up in the hierarchy in a law enforcement agency and he said one of their biggest challenges is finding people physically and mentally able to do the job that aren't just bullies looking for power.

shiloh1862 said...

A criminal who acts under the color of government "authority" is simply a criminal, and should be dealt with, by the citizen, in appropriate fashion. John Locke


Catman said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the additional link! Their motto "To Protect And Serve" is correct.

Truth in advertising after all. They protect their own and serve their own interests!

Hey Ken,

Nice to see you, brother! I hope your friends in blue are being straight. Its so hard to take anyone's word when they work for the government.

Comment Deleted:

Aw, come on! It was probably something really juicy!


You know, I have to wonder about that. Given the high unemployment rate and the number of agencies laying off police officers, you'd think they'd be able to cherry pick.