Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NAACP Calls For Martial Law

NAACP calls for institution of Martial Law.

I don't know about you, but my patience and "tolerance" for stupid people is getting pretty thin.

The NAACP calling for Martial Law is an admission of abject failure on their part. If these "civic leaders" can't control their own populace, and instill in their "young men" a sense of right and wrong, I think they should be held criminally liable for the damages their "young men" have caused.

Why the hell should the rest of us have our lives disrupted by having what little remains of our civil rights stripped from us because of a few thugs?

"The Guard is for floods and natural disasters. I don't know any more of a natural disaster than of our young people being killed," he said at a general membership meeting of about 25 people at Capitol Presbyterian Church, 14th and Cumberland streets." -NAACP Chapter President Stanley Lawson

Stanley, let me clue you in here, buddy.

The simple fact that only 25 people bothered to show any interest in your pathetic bleating is about to provide punctuation to the following.

This isn't a natural disaster. It is a man made disaster. One that people like you have helped create by blaming "poor choices", failing to instill discipline, and failing to hold people responsible for their actions. Ad hominem cries of "racism" and a generally lazy intellectual attitude have assisted you in creating the bed you now sleep in.

I, for one, hope you enjoy it. I know many members of the minority community, and so-called "people of color", and they are quite law abiding, successful, and productive people. They also have a general attitude that they are part of American Society as a whole, and not members of some persecuted group.

The America you live in Stanley, is perpetuated by you, and your attitudes.

"We have the civil rights not to be shot." - Attorney Stanley Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell, sometimes I need a good laugh. Thanks for providing me the opportunity with that priceless quote.


Shy Wolf said...

ROFL, Catman- they also have the civil right to BE shot- and that goes for the trash of ANY color.

Pickdog said...

Great post Catman!

And glad to see you are alive and kicking Shy!