Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unbelievable! Fair treatment of the 2nd Amendment by CNN! Montana Firearms Freedom Act!

The Montana Firearms Freedom Act will wrest control of firearms manufacturing, distribution, and sales away from the BATF and the Federal Government.

Maybe someone is laying the groundwork for secession?


Cygnus MacLlyr said...


I may needs borrow this clip. I am fast becoming a Hobbs fan...

So, you mind if I spread the word?

GREAT, great post.

And to clarify: my friend is a friend of a licensed dealer. ALL LEGIT. I get no commission, nor touch a piece; a licensed dealer does all that.

Just trying to do good networking and help all out...

MAN I love your night's post. WOW!

Catman said...

Hey Cygnus,

Sure. Grab away, and repost! I'm not one to get bent and say anyone stole my thunder. We're all in this together. There are people who read you, but don't read me, and the same is true conversely.

So the more people spreading the word, the better.

Your post makes me think that people don't realize that I post (at times) multiple times in a day. Please take a second to look to make sure you haven't missed something that you can spread through your channels.

I understand your friend is licensed, it's just that he may not be familiar with some of the laws in some states. Like here in California, did you know that I cannot buy a frame for a 1911 style pistol? You can in just about every other state, including Texas.

I just don't want anyone running afoul of "The Man" if some lunk head decides to set him up.

HermitJim said...

I'm glad to see that someone in an official capacity has the balls to stand up for the 2nd amendment and for the people.

Maybe somehow the PTB are starting to understand that they will no longer be allowed to run rampant over the laws that are already tested in the courts.

Good post, my man!

Sunfighter said...

I am amazed that anyone would be surprised that Lou Dobbs covered this story. I've watched Lou for years. He is the ONLY person in the Mass Media that tells it exactly like it is. He's railed against the Anti American forces for years now.

He's down on H1b's, criminal illegal alien invaders. worthless politicians and filthy gun grabbers. Lou is a Truly Great American !!!