Thursday, February 12, 2009

For your contribution of $10,000,000,000,000........

We've all been soaked for $10 Trillion dollars. The local and state employees are about to have their retirements taken over as another source of bailout money. Next on the list is your 401K. Quite unexpectedly, we do not see our Federal Employees similarly offering up their retirements to help bolster the bank balance sheets. Are any of us surprised?

We've watched what the CEOs, financial institutions, and Congress have done with the money that has been stolen from us, and frankly, I think I'd rather have given the money to Tony Soprano. At least the ensuing mayhem would have been entertaining. What we're seeing is definitely not entertaining.

Rep. Barney Frank(D) said to a panel of bankers, "“People really hate you, and they’re starting to hate us because we hang out with you.”

News flash, Barney. People aren't starting to hate you. People hate you, all of you up there. You may get a few thousand e-mails from fawning dolts who write you repeatedly, and there may be the few hundred who write scathing and threatening missives. Have you ever stopped to think how many people don't write you?

How many people are huddled in their tents and RVs because they've lost their homes? How many people avoid going to the mailbox in a futile attempt to avoid demands of payment? How many people are one month away from losing everything they have spent a lifetime building?

People are dying out here.

People trusted you, and that trust allowed you to live a life style that you would never have achieved if it were not for public office.

Then you turn around and urinate on all of us.

Now you think you can buy us off with $13.00 dollars a week? Then you're going to drop that to $8.00 a week in January of next year?

This isn't a threat to you people up there on the hill. It isn't to be taken as one. This is a warning. A warning from one American to another. I'm just grabbing your arm in an effort to keep you from stepping in front of the train. History is replete with examples of what happens when a few anger the many. Take a look for your own sake.

You are playing a dangerous game, and I don't think you fully understand the implications of what you are doing. The consequences of your failure may be dire in the extreme. It may cost you, as individuals, everything including your lives and the lives of your families. I will implore you to reverse your course and embark on a Constitutional resolution to this crisis.

That resolution will mean some of you will go to prison. The people who are responsible for the malfeasance while at the helms of our corporations and financial institutions will go to prison. Those are the results of illegal and negligent actions. All of you should have known this.

Once people figure out that your answer to our outrage is a paltry $13.00, you'll be living "La Vida Marie Antoinette".

You can read about your $13.00 stimulus payment here.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

My god this is a Beautiful bit of flotsom from the cat's cradle... Seriously, dude!
not threatening, but warning... Very appropriate choice of words.

"reverse your course and embark upon a Constitutional resolution..."

Ain't a streetcorner in the big H i can go to and get stimulated for $13, Catpeople; Gub'mint must really know how to fuck us best to give us such a good deal...

Anonymous said...

absolutely civil in tone, and cautious in demeanour,,remember though,,they(congresscritters)are accorded protections from the rabble in times of strife,,they'll need it

shiloh1862 said...

well stated Catman! and check this out