Thursday, February 26, 2009


What a combination!

You will remember a couple of posts back, "Time Travel", I said we'd hop back to those crazy years of Disco in a few days.

It's been a few days.

"Geraldine Jones", alter ego of Flip Wilson, would often scream "The Devil made me do it!"

For those of you who want to lynch me for inflicting YMCA on your tender auditory organs, I'll blame Obama.

That's right, the new slogan for people engaged in criminal behavior is, "Obama made me do it!"

Obama has decided that he has a new group of criminals that need some money, so he's handing $900 Million over to Hamas and the PLO. Well, more accurately, the money would go to the UN agency overseeing Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. Like we believe that will stop the money from flowing into the hands of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

Do you know why there are so many people in prison these days? It's because there aren't enough seats in the house and senate!

I'm serious!

I think maybe we could alter the Constitution, and make more room up there on the hill. Maybe put a nice fence around it too.

How about 10 thousand senators and 10 thousand representatives? Maybe we could set aside room for a few hundred presidents at a time. Maybe a thousand VP slots.

Think about it, it would be the greatest "reality TV show" in history! They'd be wasting each other left and right as they struggled for power and control. Just imagine, "The representative from Pelican Bay has the floor." Which would be followed by gun fire from the gallery, and then the call, "The representative from Attica now has the floor."

I can see it now.

Remember the costume that Princess Leia wore while chained to Jabba The Hut in Star Wars? Imagine Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein turned into sex slaves of "Bubba The Hut".

I think I'd go blind if I saw something like that. Not from Bubba, but the thought of those two women half naked. My left eye is twitching from even thinking about the subject.

Okay, leave the whole sex slave thing out. We'd lose ratings. Make them clean the urinals or something on live TV.

The really cool thing is, they'd be too busy trying to shank each other that they wouldn't be able to pass any legislation.

Ah, the stuff of dreams....

So, yes, I'm in need of escaping again. Things are just too strange for me. I think I'll pull out my copy of "Strange Days" and watch it tonight. Oh, wait I have to work overnight installing some cameras. Ah, crap. I'll maybe do it tomorrow. If you've never seen the movie, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. If you have kids under maybe 14, don't let them watch it. It's disturbing. One reason being we're so close to civil unrest right now, and civil war erupts in Los Angeles during the course of the movie. Not everyone will like this film.

We're off to the days where Split Bumper Camaros, SS Chevelles, and Big Block Oldsmobiles ruled the streets!

Disco was a style of music that borrowed from several different categories. Big Band, Latin, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Electronica, and even early Hip Hop lent themselves to the style. Frequently denoted by it's heavy foot stomping 4:4 beat, Disco at times became etheric and melodic through its use of real instruments and lack of synthesizers. Most of the songs are uplifting and inspiring, and some are just campy.

Many people think Disco died in 1979 with the infamous "Disco Demolition Night". If you're too young and didn't get to see it as it happened, here's some video.

Priceless insanity!

1979 was arguably the last big year for Disco in America, but Disco tunes continued to be made well into the mid-80's. In my opinion, Disco was such a huge revenue generator for various artists that some people who didn't really belong in the Disco category started to pile in.

How many of you were aware that the Beach Boys and Bobby Vinton, best known for Blue Velvet, cut Disco style records? There were even Disco versions of the theme from "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

The antics of "me too" groups, and over the hill performers, coupled with the ever greedy studio heads producing movies like "Saturday Night Fever", "Skatetown USA", and "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" served to kill Disco as a style.

There are just so many tunes out there. I selected some you may know, and some you may not know, but they're all fun. So check out the Jukebox!

Just don't let your significant other catch you in front of the mirror posing like John Travolta.

Join me next time when we visit Stern Grove and the Haight in The Summer Of Love! I can smell the patchouli and skunk weed now!

Barack Obama Dances on Soul Train!

And you wondered what the tie in was between Obama and Disco was.....


Ken said...

...great flashbacks and the Mrs started to talk about the 'Midnight Special' T.V show after/during yer vids...great memories...we're headin to youtube for Brother...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

OK, enough with anacronyms-- I'm Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off!THIS is great stuffs, Catmeister! Gotta love it!

Thanks for the grin!


Felinae said...

Hey all, the hubby had to go to work tonight. I'm glad he was able to bring some memories and laughter to you before he left. :D

I hope you all have a goodnight.