Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet Farewall, Tuba Man

Those of you who are in the Seattle area, or are originally from there, you know The Tuba Man.

When I read articles that tell of the death of one of our fellow citizens at the hands of cowardly gangs, it enrages me.

I don't care about gang on gang violence. I say we round them all up, throw them into an arena filled with crowbars, broken bottles, and trash can lids. Then we charge admission. It would make our communities safer and generate some coin for the park and rec programs.

FIVE young men attack an old man. What can be said?

How can you possibly defend your actions?

Where is your sense of honor?

Read the whole story here.


Ken said...

...sorry for yer loss Catman,a bunch of us,back in my detroit days,took our 'sub' back from the gangs...took us a whole summer,and a couple trips to the ER...Eventually they gave up trying to 'come back'...our group of seven,went from armed patrols of 3 and 4 man teams,two newsworthy firefights,lots of good ol'fashioned 'streetfights' a real nice neighborhood,with a Neighborhood Watch patrol of 30 plus volunteers...Courage is contagius...
...'bangers are just bullies,bullies are just balloons,one good 'pop' and they jus go away...heheh

Catman said...

Hey, Ken.

Thanks, but I'm not a native of Seattle. I have friends up there, and they tell me the place has degenerated to a shell of what once was.

Tuba Man is symbolic of Americana, and every single time a symbol falls, a piece of America falls too.

Man, I laud you and the efforts of those like you who have taken on the gangs and forced the borders between our world and their back.

When I was in high school we had a start up gang in my town. They lasted about a year. The rest of the kids took care of business, and the cops looked the other way.

Ken said...

...yeah Catman,we was almost a couple decades younger then...unfortunately thats all the bangers respected...violence...youth is wasted on the young...right up until we left the neighborhood,the 'hangouts' still flashed me the 'peace sign'...