Monday, November 24, 2008

Back from the dead


Allow me to apologize for my protracted and unannounced absence from this blog and others that I read and participate in.

Sometimes things just get squirrely, and you just have to ride the wave and chillax.

I appreciate that some of y'all out there expressed concern for my well being.

What happened was a wedding (not mine, Thank God or my wife would have killed me), several days of training from some folks from a very fine Swedish company, Axis Communications, and several more days placating a few angry customers. Axis has some very fine megapixel IP cameras, BTW.

Then there's been the whole screwy cluster with the stock market, and the economy. Things here in California are seriously screwed up. Anyone ever seen a walking rectum in an Armani suit? Well, then my friend, you've seen a California politician!

The posturing and the spewing of offal from politicos at the national level just got to me as well, and I had a serious case of the vapors. Breathing into a paper sack won't do much for you when every fiber in your being starts screaming for you to introduce certain people to the wonders of a Case 580 and a bag of lime.

Notice how deep the 580 will dig. Keep it in mind. It may prove handy when you decide you don't like your daughter's boyfriend. Yes, that's right, you can bury his car (make sure you break the glass out after dumping it into the hole, you don't want the glass to break later. The soil will settle into the empty space and create an easily noticed void in your landscape) or motorcycle too. Remember kids, "Shallow graves are bad."

I can't believe I just typed that.

Oh well, I guess that shows you how much thought I've put into dealing with certain things when the time comes.

So, as you can see, I'm chillaxing at the moment. If this is chillaxing, you can imagine what was running around inside my skull when I was really missing out on the glide.

So, it was necessary for me to avoid the Internet for a few days in order to get myself in a coherent state. I have this old friend who calls every night, and says we need to get reacquainted.

Jack has this knack for getting in trouble.

Mr. Daniels, I may just decide that trouble is what I need to take the edge off.

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irishdutchuncle said...

i know jack. he's visits my favorite hunting camp in PA several times a year.