Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From 2010: When The Euro Collapses

An interview on Alex Jones' radio show with Lindsey Williams from December 15th 2010.

This is not economic advice. Weigh your own situation carefully, but it does bear keeping in mind.

Bank Runs Hit Greece

Why A Greek Exit From The Euro Would Mean The End Of The Eurozone

Fears Grow Over Greece Bank Run As Country Seeks Bailout

Could A Greek Bank Run Go Global?

Now, hear this!

JP Morgan Chase Loses TWENTY Billion in "bad trade"

The only thing I've seen is that somehow the loss is related to derivatives. There's been no real explanation of what happened. The coverage has been centered on the personalities involved and how much they get to walk away with after "losing" two billion dollars.

Is this the beginning of the collapse of the derivatives market that many have predicted since 2008?

The 2 Billion Dollar Loss By JP Morgan Is Just A Preview Of The Coming Collapse Of The Derivatives Market

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