Friday, June 15, 2012

If you're doing nothing illegal....

The old refrain goes something like, "If you're not doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about". Usually, this adage has been applied to those who objected to the increasingly abusive and intrusive police powers that have grown as the Orwellian State has come into its own.

Sometimes it sounds like I'm anti-cop. I'm not. I prefer to not have to resort to disturbing them, because it brings me to their attention. Most of the ones I've met are guys who want to do their job, go home to their families, and have a beer. Nothing wrong with that. It's very American. I approve of all things very American.

However, with the labyrinthian legal system and the myriad of conflicting laws, statutes, codes and interpretive opinions of these missives penned by addled drunks, drug addicts, frauds, spouse abusing, self abusing criminals we laughingly call "representatives", it's a good idea not to render justice on one's own without the servants of a woeful, gavel swinging pantheon of chimps in black dresses on one's side.

After all, it is all about how the reports get written.

In defense of cops, I understand that when the system hands you tools that make your job easier, it is difficult to give them up.

How many of you know what a "power trowel" is?

If you don't here's a photo:

This is what it replaces:

Can you imagine doing a concrete pour like this and having to use a hand trowel to finish it off?

So, yeah. You'd have some guy who would pour a 5 x 5 pad and whip out the power trowel. That's abusing your tools. Some cops do that too.

So now, the people of Indiana, in response to police and the State abusing their tools, has passed a law that allows people to defend themselves against abuses of power.

NRA-Backed Law Spells Out When Indianans May Open Fire on Police

I guess if you're doing nothing illegal, you have nothing to worry about, right Officer?

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