Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CNN: Phony officer could be killing Mississippi drivers

CNN is reporting someone is killing drivers alongside Mississippi roadways.

Story Here
Who said it had to be a "phony" cop?

Kelly Thomas' Murderers Go On Trial


idahobob said...

If these murderers actually get convicted and get prison time.....they will never make it out alive.

Gee, wouldn't that be just too bad?



HermitJim said...

Now days you never know whether or not the folks that stop you are real or even sane!

The world is sure getting to be a scary place!

Anonymous said...

Dialectic at work here. Chances are it is a Gov't psyop to get a few people to take a few shots at real cops.


Catman said...

Idaho, they'll probably have segregated housing and be out in a year if they're convicted. Then they'll petition to have the conviction overturned (like Oscar Grant's killer is doing). Once its overturned, he'll petition to have it expunged and he'll go back to being a cop again.

Hermit, unfortunately, I think it is rapidly becoming every man for himself in this world. I think we'd better form communities of people we can trust and rely on. We had better do this now. Time is running out.

Pick, you may be right. They've started a race war that isn't being covered in the news because it is all black on white type assaults. Once some poor guy whom the media can label as white (like the Hispanic/Black/Jewish Zimmerman is white) goes and kicks some protected minority ass, they'll use it to foment even more unrest. Now all we need is open season on cops, and they'll have every reason to put those Russian Troops at Fort Carson on the street.