Monday, September 27, 2010

Websites Of Interest: More evil plans for the freedom fighter.


There's some very cool how to articles at this site as well as product reviews.

Blowgun. Penetrate 1/2 inch of solid wood with this home made weapon

Rope Dart. Strike fear and steel into your foes.

The Sling. Power of a .45 in your pocket.

Keychain Sling: Nice way to conceal a weapon.

Pocket Sized Oil Lamp: Go to the light!

Now, there may come a time when we may have to build certain items to advance the cause of Freedom.

Home Made Rocket Motors: A how to.

Next on the parade......


Its one of those "men's" websites teaching wanna be men how to be men, and has some cheesy content like "Food As Foreplay". Personally, I can't see making any effort beyond, "Its dead. It's suitably charred. Its on a plate. There's no dirt on it. Eat."

Just kidding, ladies!

However, jump straight through to Outdoor Activities and peruse the subcategories on the left.

There are stunning articles there such as:

How To Camp Nude errr..... it says to "bring friends along".

How To Cook Eggs While Camping okay, I'm really finding out how badly the public must be informed on basic survival skills.

How To Hike Nude in PHOENIX? Phoenix? Arizona? Neked in the desert? ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY?

How To Pitch A Tent. With all this nudity going around. Neked campers. Neked hikers. If they're attractive females, shouldn't be much of a problem.

How To Use A 12v Battery When Camping In The Rain. This is quoted from the article, "To use a 12V battery with a 12V system when camping in the rain, the first thing you need to do is get a 12V battery". I'm banging my head as I write this. Oh, Lord, please don't let these people find me when TSHTF.

How To Use A Hunting Knife Safely. Again quoting, "Start by keeping the sharp edge away from your hands and body."!

Best Trails For Nude Hiking In Tucson. Okay, "men's" magazine with an emphasis on being naked all the time in the desert. Uh.....maybe I'm on the wrong website.


Ken said...

...i can see it now...The Naked Survivalist:'Revealing' The Apocalypse(orsomesuchnonsense)tonite at nine,only on The Discovery

...and thanx Brother(for the "GOOD" linx)...lmao

Selous Scout said...

It would be good to know what those trails are... so you can avoid them if hiking in Arizona!

Muddome said...

I really liked the info for the pocket lantern. The blow gun idea is good too. Thanks for posting the links.