Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Save Your Wealth

Bank failures need to be put into perspective.

It isn't failure.

It is consolidation.

Fewer players, less competition, more control.

The people who'd like to control you, manage you, farm you for your labor, treat you as a commodity, as a draft animal to be put down at the end of your useful life want to shut down your ability to function outside the carefully crafted system.

Precious metals are a threat to their system of control. Already places have established alternative methods of exchange, shutting out the banks and governments. Shutting down their method of control and management.

Detroit Businesses Print Own Local Currency

NBC25 - Competing Currency story 1

NBC25 - Competing Currency story 2

The videos are not working on the NBC25 site, however they are available on YouTube.

Wikipedia lists a network of local currencies.

Gold is in the crosshairs of control institutions, and other PMs will soon follow.

I'm not a "human resource" to be consumed by the vampires of the corporate world, and neither are you. Take every opportunity you have to avoid using federal reserve notes or other state issued currencies.

Barter. Trade. Establish a local currency.

Gold is out of the reach of many now, but silver can still be had. Shop the flea markets, yard, garage and rummage sales for old silver. Jewelry, picture frames, etc. They can often be purchased for far less then the value of the silver content.

Make your own 1 oz rounds.

How To Melt and Cast Silver

All Experts: Melting Silver At Home

Melting Metals Using A Microwave

Remember your folks always telling you to save your pennies? Pre-1982 US pennies are copper. 1982 and latter issued pennies are zinc clad with copper.

Pre-1982 pennies are worth 1 cent yet contain just over 2 cents worth of copper. Double your money by saving your pre-1982 pennies. Copper was a metal used in trade in the past, and was valued.

If things go bad, you may just see it happen again.

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Ken said...

...good linx,thanx...
...let the banks fold,i don't use'em...
...ahhh the underrated penny,wonder what copper fetches around here(?) jars and jars of'
...been savin' all the junk silver and broken gold jewelry for a while now,barter towns are a'comin...