Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Burning: Asymetrical Warfare

Take a gander at this article:

Terry Jones, asymmetrical warrior - Asia Times

Spengler, the author, makes some extremely valid points about the nature of asymmetrical warfare and its application towards a foe that threatens not only people of other faiths, but also those of no faith.

Couple the above article with this one written by an Iranian activist, Amir Taheri:

Islam center's eerie echo of ancient terror

It leaves one with a good idea of what everyone is facing with the expansion of Islam in the west, especially here in the United States. Especially if one couples it with the stories that arise from Europe where Muslims wanted to initially establish separate Islamic courts, and then started to openly talk about replacing the established justice system with these Islamic courts.

Book burning seems to dredge up some really unpleasant associations with equally unpleasant historical events. Specifically, the NAZIs, but this type of activity goes back many centuries. However, I don't think desecrating a few copies of a book falls into the same category as the wholesale effort to eliminate knowledge, or ideas that previous efforts seemed to be directed at.

Perhaps desecrating a few copies of a book might prove to be a worthy endeavor. I suppose one could say everything is contextual when it comes to asymmetrical warfare. Propaganda, and that is what distributed images and stories of book burning is, can be compared to a loaded gun.

Sometimes propaganda fails. People ignore it, or those who created the images and stories misjudged the audience, and the it doesn't have the desired or intended effect. In essence, the gun lays ignored among the goings on of the day. A Day Without Illegal Immigrants was such an event.

In other instances, such as Kuwait Premature Baby Story from the first gulf war, the race to grab that loaded weapon is on. Then the gunfire is random and rapid as more people jump on the story and expand it. The carnage is great and the suffering on both sides (those who believe the propaganda and the victims of it) is immense.

So far, here in this country, the fallout from the occasional destruction of a Muslim holy book has been limited to a few verbal outbursts and cries from the Muslim and liberal communities for "tolerance".

Just as an aside, all of you liberals have no idea how "tolerant" Americans are by nature. If we were truly intolerant, you wouldn't be breathing and neither would these people or groups you claim need the protection of your restrictive and unconstitutional laws.

While overseas, not quite the same response. No, they become frenetic and their leaders actually encourage their populations to be frenzied. Perhaps, that may prove to be useful.

Anyone up for an experiment?

How about heading out to the used bookstores, rumage sales, etc and picking up a few copies of the Qu'ran. Video tape them being dumped into port-a-potties, burned or otherwise desecrated. Put the videos up on the web, e-mail them around, make sure they get some good distribution. Let the dirty nightshirt crowd get a good view of what the average American is up to, not just a back water Christian minister.

I'd be curious to see what would happen.

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