Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's Next?

Today we are here absent a great Patriot, a fellow American, a friend of Freedom, an honest to God Marine, and a friend of many of us more common men, Daniel Moselly. Please visit "Enemy of the State" and offer a simple note of thanks to a Marine's family.

Brother Daniel, I pray that we carry on in a manner that will make you proud.

So, here we are.

The forces of Freedom on one side. The forces of Oppression on the other side.

Both sides face each other unsure of exactly what the outcome of open conflict will be. Both sides afraid of losing their position and both sides hoping for greater gains. So far, the conflict has been limited to propaganda, skirmishes, border flare ups, battles waged in the media and in the courts. Both sides hoping to sway public opinion in their favor.

Freedom has seen much territory surrendered to Oppression, but Freedom has new allies, and even defectors from the forces of Oppression.

Oppression sees the shift in mood among the uncommitted, those who chose to keep their eyes averted from the conflict, and even within the ranks of their own forces. They know that time is not on their side. Their hand has been tipped and only those who stand to profit personally are fully committed to Oppression's cause.

Those at the top of Oppression's hierarchy pay themselves richly and sup on the finest of food and drink.

The rank and file "do gooders", the welfare class, the illegal immigrants, the racists, the liberal activists, have been paid in the coin of empty promises. They have been fed and sent forth into the field supported by pillaged labor and wealth from the forces of Freedom.

As Freedom's forces have dwindled, and her territory seized, there has been less to distribute to those who marched with Oppression's host.

The disparity between the top and the bottom has not gone unnoticed by some within Oppression's camp. The scandals among Oppression's elite have highlighted the growing divide. They have seen that the promises of "equality" are like those of Orwell's pigs.

The forces of Oppression have launched a vigorous propaganda campaign hoping to stem the growing unrest within their own camp, and the rising fortunes of Freedom. The propaganda is old and tired, and has been heard before. The effect is mediocre at best.

Oppression must soon declare open war if it is to survive.

Militaries, nations, governments, tribes, and even gangs do not go to war without telegraphing their intentions. There is always something to clue in the astute observer as to what is around the corner.

Telegraphing the blow:

ABC News: Intelligence Chief Says US Can Take Out American Terrorists.

Newsweek: Internal emails on 'How to define a "terrorist"'

Times Reporter: Homeland Chief: Domestic extremism top concern

Propaganda Pieces:

Salon Magazine works to change definition of "terrorist" in the public's mind.

New York Times: Tea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right

CBS News: Joe Stack is a "True American Hero" Facebook groups support domestic terrorist.

Christian Science Monitor: Former Terrorist, "Austin Attack Reflects Growing US Turmoil"

Politico: Conservatives target their own fringe

Government Documents:

US government distributes "Domestic Extremist Lexicon"

US government distributes "Right Wing Extremism" manual

Those of us here on the side of Freedom need to be aware that preparations are being made to systematically target us. The guns that used to point at the "terrorists" on the outside to give people something to hate and fear will soon be turned on us.


chinasyndrome said...

According to their lexicon under Patriot movement,We are violent extremist and antigoverment. ANTI BAD GOVERMENT.Since When did becoming a Patriotic American who loves their country Become extreme?


WTF assasination?? didn't that use to be against the law?

Violent No, SCARED and READY to protect our own YES.

idahobob said...

My friends, history is repeating itself.

The PTB, in Washington, District of Criminals are following the play book's of tyrants that came before them; Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Mugabe.

We, you and me, the patriots, are, as defined by these power hungry, megalomaniacs, are the "terrorists".

And simply put, I will quote my dear friend, Lindsey Williams; "It's all about power and control".

Unfortunately, there is no easy way out the mess that we are in.

I will highly suggest this; get your spiritual life in order. Get right with God. Surrender your will and your life to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

In doing this, the picture of this current life may be muddy and obscure, but the picture of eternity is crystal clear.

Do it today.


R3volution said...

Looks like all of this research and information gathering has culminated to this , PATRIOT = TERRORIST.

As I watched that video , I wanted to vomit,a tear came to my eyes and my teeth became sore from gritting them. They have destroyed Freedom in America. It's up to us to take it back . So be it .


Ken said...

...there it goes,that little bump of adrenaline,that could make me ready in less than a minute.
HandToGod...boxers,boots,battlegear...i'm so glad yer postin'again Brother(it's cold,i'll need an additional 10 seconds for the BDUs)

Anonymous said...

Ready and able. Till death do us part. I'd rather be dead than a slave.

See Ya