Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The End: or What Comes Next?

The aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings will affect the lives of not just the families of those who lost their lives, those who were grievously injured, and those who witnessed the events. It will affect every single American.

The predictable responses from those who erroneously believe that an all powerful state would prevent such incidents have filled the 24 hour news cycle.  Responses which are empty and meaningless.

My favorite was from one of the idiot Senators from my home state of California.

"We know one thing: It qualifies, in my book, as a terrorist attack," Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Gee, Senator. That's like saying "rain is wet". You must make your alma mater, Stanford University, so proud that you make such educated and enlightened statements. I know exactly why you received that B.S. degree. It seems that is all you're capable of spouting.

We're going to see an even greater effort to grab more power, deny you your rights, and marginalize everyone who doesn't go along with Janet "Kim Jung Un" Napolitano and Barack "Kim Jung Il" Obama.

There's much talk circulating about this being a false flag. This isn't more of that.

The Department Of Homeland Security has on its website, "Learn How DHS Keeps Our Nation Safe".  Absolutely ludicrous. Boston is a prime example of what absolute B.S. this assertion is. DHS keeps America Safe (cue laugh track). Just do a quick search on DHS and the scandals  they've been linked to. Discrimination. Sexual  Harassment. Conflict of Interest. Nepotism and others.

I especially like top liberal newsman Geraldo Rivera asking if a "lesbian cabal" was in charge of DHS. Notice how you don't see much of Geraldo anymore. Coincidence?

 You be the judge.

Then there's the list of failures. I'll just link to this one: "DHS: We Still Can't Measure Border Security".

This was one month after Janet Napolitano went before congress and said, "Our borders have, in fact, never been stronger".


And that's just at the top of DHS's food chain.

The DHS is an umbrella for what was previously twenty two separate federal agencies.

You can look up the scandals, and abysmal failures, that have touched each separate department. If you really want to.

I like the Secret Service, now part of DHS, and their scandals myself. Those boys and girls know how to party on your dime.

Now realize that these are events that have come to light, in part, due to "whistleblower" protection laws.

Obama doesn't like that.

So, what is he doing?

What else does he do? An end run or just ignore things that are inconvenient.

How much less are we going to learn about what an absolute failure our collection of servants run amok have become if they go around threatening everyone who wants to see them held accountable for, what are essentially, criminal activities?

Watch for more vapor from the main stream media.

Today, I was summoned to the Superior Court of California for jury duty. It was the same type of crap you have to go through at the airport to get on a plane. It was just a total waste of time. More "feel good" measures from a bunch of incompetents trying to make you think you're safe. All the emergency exits in the building had these big signs on them stating that they were secured and an alarm would sound if anyone opened them. Makes you feel safe doesn't it? All warm and cozy. Wow, nothing bad could happen here. All these armed cops and guards. Kinda of like Fort Hood with all those soldiers.

One of the idiot guards came by, disabled the alarm, went out the door and propped it open with a chair.

Reminded me of the stories of the theater in Colorado.

I went and found a seat next to the stairwell to another emergency exit on the opposite side of the building.  You never know.

The video we were forced to watch was enough to make me want to grab one of the court administrators by the throat and scream, "Are you fucking serious? Do you really expect people to believe this shit?"

The above video is what we watched. What about the NDAA? What about the provisions for indefinite detention? The sanctioned extra-judicial killings of American citizens among other savage attacks on our way of life?

The DHS does nothing to ensure your security. No agency of the Federal Government does a damn thing to make sure the bogey man doesn't show up at your door. Often times, they are the bogey man at your door. The police have absolutely no responsibility to protect you.

When they try and insinuate that they will (especially if you give up your guns), or make nebulous promises that your security is assured, remember it is all......LIES.

Look at Chicago. Rahm Emanuel is in charge there. Remember him? One of Obama's rumored gay sex partners? Obama's former chief of staff?  How much more closely do you have to be associated with Obama to not get help dealing with a city heading off a cliff?

How safe are you there in that Statist Wasteland? Not very. Go see Crime in Chicago for the latest in murder and mayhem.

I could go on. The assassinations of high profile lawmen in Texas. Sheriff Joe in Arizona getting a bomb mailed to him. Ricin laced letters being mailed to Senators.

And we come back to the beginning, which is the end. Boston.

How many cops and military personnel were there? Not just trained observers, but tens of thousands of runners, and upwards of HALF A MILLION in overall attendance. All those people with cameras, wandering around, being tourists snapping pictures.

And someone still managed to plant at least two bombs, and maybe as many as five? Plus maybe one at the Kennedy Library?

And they keep you safe.

Sure they do.

What comes next?

That's entirely up to you. I would suggest that you NOT rely on anyone from the government. I would further suggest that you make plans to safeguard yourself and your family if you absolutely must attend some large event. Further, I would suggest that you tell your friends and family that the emperor is indeed naked. I would also suggest that you not fall for the propaganda that is sure to follow Boston.

The alarm clock has been ringing for the past 20 years. Why haven't you awakened?

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