Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Failure: Obama's Coming Executive Order Storm

Today saw the resounding defeat of a cadre of  Marxist / Socialist ideologues whose sole goal is the destruction of the United States, her culture, and her people.

It seems that both sides of the statist coin, Democrat and Republican, agree that it was a stunning failure for Obama.

His seemingly unstoppable juggernaut pushing for more firearms restrictions in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting, evaporated. Obama's goal of banning, on a Federal level, certain types of firearms and magazines was thwarted, and then his effort to put together comprehensive background checks just went down the tubes.

Obama was smacked in the face by reality. Something he hasn't had to deal with in a long time. If ever.

Americans are, by nature, the type of people who leave you alone to do whatever you want, think whatever you wish, and be whomever you choose. Americans recognize and respect an individual's freedom.

But they also delineate quite clearly that your right ends when it starts infringing on someone else's rights.

Messing with people's rights to weapons, self defense, privacy and being secure in one's property and possessions?

I think the American people have yielded as much on the subject as they are willing.

 “I never saw a president fight so hard, a vice president, never on any issue… It shows us the cowardice of the Senate.” - Senator Barbara Boxer Democrat, California.

No Babs, I think it shows courage. Or maybe fear of what the American public might do.

The Second Amendment is quite clear, "shall not be infringed". One does not need a Juris Doctorate, or have majored in the English language to understand exactly what that means. Yet, it has been infringed upon numerous times in both Federal and State law.

It has often been stated that there are already 20,000 gun laws on the nation's law books. The 20,000 gun laws figure is probably wildly inaccurate. The Brookings Institute says there are only about 300 laws regulating firearms. The Brookings Institute is a questionable source due to their statist leanings. attempts to make a more reasonable estimate. For instance, in 2005 counted 271 numbered Federal statutes and in California, 541 numbered statutes.

One can see that the Brookings Institute estimate has been exceeded in California laws alone by nearly two fold.

People are waking up to the fact that, by nature, criminals do not obey the law. Passing additional laws will just give criminals one more thing to not obey. No law has ever stopped someone intent on performing an act of evil.

Why should the criminal element be allowed an advantage over the average citizen?

At least one Hollyweird Screwball has emerged linking the Boston Marathon Bombing to the Second Amendment.  Jay Mohr has managed to firmly plant his foot in his own backside with some completely senseless statements

Apparently Jay Mohr doesn't have a clue. Maybe he should look at a partial list, found over at LiveLeak, of exactly who participated in bombings and mass shootings . They're people like him, Obama, Feinstein, Boxer, et al.

Surprisingly, the usual suspects like Jim Carrey, and Michael Moore have been unusually silent and have not followed the lead of a C-list celeb like Mohr.

Maybe Carrey got smart and realized he emptied his own wallet when he opened his mouth. The recent move "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone", also starring anti-gun Steve Carell, tanked at the box office.The movie was released just before his absurd video, "Cold Dead Hands".

Obviously, the propaganda didn't work for Obama.

What's left?

Why, Executive Order!

Obama has already pushed twenty three Executive Orders in order to bolster his anti-gun agenda. He's also seemingly fond of something called "Executive Action". He is resorting to these in order to fly under the radar as they aren't widely recognized as are Executive Orders, of which he has already issued 153.

Will Obama resort to ruling by decree? He certainly is not a stranger to it. One has to wonder.

Or will we see more events like the Boston Marathon?

A disturbing trend is beginning to emerge with these attacks. There seems to be some type of military, intelligence agency, or law enforcement participation or training, directly pertinent to the type of attack, either occurring shortly before, or concurrent with the alleged terrorist activity.

A few high profile and recent events:


London Bombings

Mumbai Attack

Colorado "Batman" Theater Attack

Sandy Hook

Boston Marathon

There was, a week ago, a multi-agency active shooter drill at my kid's high school here in California. We're about 15 miles from Stockton. Well known for The Cleveland School Massacre of 1989. Essentially "ground zero" for actions trying to ban so-called "assault rifles". This followed an eerie similar shooting event ten years before at a school with the same name but in San Diego, California.

If they're running drills at your kid's school, maybe you ought to talk to your kids about what to do if a shooter shows up. I've done it with mine.


JaneofVirginia said...

Great post, Catman.
I agree completely.

HermitJim said...

Making sure that the kids understand what action to take on their own is certainly a good idea!

Good post today, my friend!

Anonymous said...


Probably going to be as effective as the 1980's California Assault Weapons gun law in controlling crime, which is ZILCH!