Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Lost Kingdom

A quote attributed to Sun Tzu, a Chinese General, has wandered around in my mind for a time now. Sun Tzu's Art Of War should be at least read, if not studied, by anyone contemplating any type of conflict. It doesn't matter if that conflict is business, office politics, state politics, or even simple gang warfare.

But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life. - Sun Tzu

Western Civilization has had many iterations. Each one building on the previous to the desired end of individual liberty, equality for all, and a just system of administration. It would seem that we, the people of these united States of America, have come the closest to achieving this goal.

But we seemingly have failed. Not just us and our heirs, but the enslaved and oppressed around the world who looked to us for guidance, and charity when needed. People who looked to us to be their champion in a battle they were too enfeebled to fight on their own.

We carried the light that drove back the darkness.

And here we are, that light seemingly having grown dim. A new dark age looms with the forces of oppression massing in the gathering night. A kingdom built on lies and fed by fear rises in the gloom.

Our so called leaders kill our fellow citizens, or tell fairy tales, to cement their positions and wrest away the power that you held and to lock it away for their own use. It began with the Maine, then the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and on into modern day America with Ruby Ridge, Waco, and OKC.


The Shoe Bomber

The Underwear Bomber

And now they won't even try and scare you into giving up your rights. They just take them. And the media wants you to be more concerned with Brady and his wife than the NDAA 2012.

And still the forces of evil work to cement their control to deny you your basic rights.

No fly lists? How about "No Work Lists"?

And apply their labels to those who oppose them all to generate fear and suspicion. To drive a wedge between people. To feed them more power.

Like Conspiracy Theories or Liberty? TERRORIST!

Libertarian? TERRORIST!

Love the US Constitution? TERRORIST!


Store or grow your own food? TERRORIST!



The list goes on.

I'd like to think Sun Tzu is right, once a kingdom is destroyed, it can't come back. That the dead are never resurrected.

Our kingdom is not destroyed. It is here, in our words, our thoughts, our deeds, and our very hearts. It is reborn each time we take a stand against injustice and raise our flag. It grows as we endeavor to learn more about what the Founding Fathers really meant. It flowers when we reject the notions and interpretations of those who wish to subjugate and control us.

They've managed to take over the buildings that housed our cherished institutions and write laws that no one follows. They yell, scream, and threaten, issue edicts and make examples of certain people and Americans acquire more guns, more bullets, more food and unite to write more articles to teach others what they know.

The lies that were the foundation of their kingdom have been laid bare, and we chip away each day further weakening its walls. We don't fear them, and our lack of fear deprives them of sustenance.

Their kingdom is the one dying. I hope to live to bury it.

"Thus the expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him.” - Sun Tzu


chinasyndrome said...

Amen Bro! I hope to be here to throw dirt on their graves as well!


Ken said...

...often stated,but this IS truly one of the best posts i've ever read,bar none...We Will Live To Bury Their Kingdom...


Anonymous said...

Amen! Resonating!


kymber said...

there are foreigners who still look to the American patriots to lead the way...keep leading the way, my friend. there are Founding Fathers who would be very proud of your work here.

your friend,

Mayberry said...

"I hope to live to bury it."

Your hope is mine as well. We will win if we can come together. I am encouraged by the response to PATCOM, and especially by how the movement is growing so fast.

"The tighter they squeeze, the more star systems will slip through their fingers." Who knew Star Wars would be so relevant today...