Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another False Flag on The Horizon?

The economies of the world are in ruin. The people who want to play make believe and print, print, print are not in denial.

They're delusional. Delusional people are dangerous.

One can not just print money based on debt and call it wealth. If that were the case, "I can't be broke! I still have some checks left!" would be a perfectly acceptable statement and not a source of humor. And that is the crux of the matter. The money changers still believe that they have checks left and they want you to believe they have the cash to cover them.

We've still got a few quid then! Bank of England's glittering stash of £156BILLION in gold bars stored in former canteen under London


The UK National Debt Clock reports that the UK owes over £900 BILLION.

I think the math is obvious.

The Euro is on thin ice with what is happening in Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. China has an estimated 3.2 Trillion is foreign currency reserves. They're throwing in with Germany in an effort to stabilize, not just the economies, but the governments of Europe.

Make no mistake, this is not just about economic security, but also political security. Once the power brokers lose grip on the populace, it is all over. The tottering governments can not handle mass movements of populations. There are already severe strains across Western Europe as immigrants from less wealthy nations compete for jobs and government handouts with native citizens.

If you recall the breakup of Yugoslavia, an estimated 3.2 million people fled to neighboring nations and created enormous social and economic burdens for their hosts. Germany, twenty years later, is still working today to integrate, and repatriate, those who fled there.

Even the more financially sound European governments would not be able handle the influx of refugees from collapsed neighbors.

That loss of control over restive populations is nearing. The news blackout on Italy's own "Pitchfork Movement" highlights this. While for now, the Pitchfork Movement is peaceful one never knows what will happen as other groups try and infiltrate and usurp the efforts of the people. Greece has already suffered terrible rioting and as the weather warms into summer, they may once again begin as Greece is forced to impose even harsher austerity measures.

Media blackout as protests hit Sicily.

Pitchfork Movement Shuts Down Sicily For Fourth Consecutive Day

Italy Sliced In Two

Sicily Pitchfork Movement In Revolt - Western Media Blackout Article lists the demands of the "Forconi" as the members of Movimento Dei Forconi are called.

Pitchforks Kick Out Neo Nazis

Movimento Dei Forconi Protest March January 20, 2012 Sicily

The last thing European governments want are sympathizers and copy cat movements springing up.

China's economy is slowing and they're facing a housing bubble that promises to be like 1990's Japan.

If you live here in the United States, you KNOW the lies we're being asked to believe.

And then there's the deliberate omissions from the news. $707,568,901,000,000 in derivatives are outstanding here in the US. In a nutshell, a derivative is a form of credit between parties. Call them Peter, Paul and Mary just to make it simple. It's money that is floated so that the parties can essentially gamble with it. They make educated guesses as to which way markets will trend, hoping to make money on both up and down movements.

With their winnings from their bets, Peter pays Paul, who then pays Mary and on down the line because each has borrowed, or been given credit from the previous. If Peter can't pay Paul, who then can't pay Mary, then the whole thing collapses. Peter, Paul and Mary are large institutional investors, banks, and businesses. Believe it or not, these fools even have derivatives based on the weather.


How about $1.4 QUADRILLION? That's about 44 Million years if you counted a dollar per second.

Where the hell is all that money going to come from? The guys working flipping burgers sure don't have it.

War is profitable....

Creating a bogeyman for people to hate and fear....well that keeps the population in line.....


Israel: Iran's nuclear arms program is complete, its missiles can reach US

'Certain countries' could take Iran nuclear matter into their own hands, U.K. official says

Shin Bet chief: Iran trying to hit Israeli targets in response to attacks on nuclear scientists

And on and on goes the drum beat on attacking Iran.

Does anyone remember that Iran declared war on the United States back in 1979? News flash people. It never ended. It has gone back and forth with the US sponsoring Iraq's war against Iran and Iran waging a covert war through terrorism and Israel jumping in to throw a punch or two just to get the rest of the Muslim world heated up.

Only 35% of Americans support military actions against Iran

Only 16% of Germans would support military action

Those are really low numbers.

Can't have that.

Watch for something to happen that will conveniently have Iran's fingerprints all over it.

In the meantime, try this: Ghormeh Sabzi pronounced gor may saab (like the car) zee

It is one of my favorite Persian dishes.


RJIII said...

Iran has just started selling oil to BRIC countries for gold. Hussein tried to sell it for Euros, Got his ass handed to him. Ghaddafi tried to sell it for gold, same story. Fiat currencies can't allow gold backed currencies because nobody will want worthless paper based on BULLSHIT. Great to have ya back Catman.

Mayberry said...

Three carrier groups in the area of Hormuz, setting up for "the big show", just hoping for Iran to do something stupid, or Israel to pull the trigger. This will get ugly, both there and here...

Heh, WV foust. As in Faust makes a deal with the devil...