Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hidden Escape Tools

Men's Leather Belt: $14.99

Patriotic Belt Buckle: $24.99

Handcuff Key: $1.00

Duct Tape: $3.00

The look on their face when you get loose and crush their throat? Priceless.

Reverse the belt so that the side that will be facing your body when being worn faces you. Cut a small strip of tape to cover the key.

Affix the key to the belt.

Using four more small pieces of tape, tape as shown to give the most flexibility to the belt and reduce the chance that the key will become dislodged.

Other small tools, such as an Xacto blade can be attached similarly. This will be handy to deal with nylon cuffs. If you do this, tape the blade vertically with the tip pointed down towards your buttocks. When you reach inside and grab the tape, it will form a small handle and allow you to grip it better. You also won't stab yourself pushing your finger down between your belt and pants.

Another belt to use is one made of bonded leather. Typically, the inside of the belt is split hide and has a vinyl surface stamped to look like leather. You can separate the two layers and make a small pocket.

Some full leather belts are made of two layers of leather sewn together. Simply cut the top threads to make a pocket. Make sure you seal off both sides of the pocket or your tools may migrate and be impossible to retrieve.

It is a very serious concern of mine that some of us are going to get grabbed off the street with the passage of the 2012 NDAA and The Enemy Expatriation Act. I think it is important that you always have some means with you to assist in escape and evasion.

I normally use black tape, but in the images I used silver so it would show up. Look for gaffers tape if you are able to. Duct tape doesn't always deal with water well, while gaffers tape is water proof. Important if you expect perspiration or live in a humid environment.

There are formulations that withstand high heat. Read the packaging to determine if it meets your particular regional requirements.

Gaffers tape can be found online, professional music stores, at places that sell theatrical supplies and even at Staples. Expect to pay more for it than duct tape.

Handcuff keys can be purchased online and at gun shows. They're usually around a buck a piece.

Ladies, wear a charm bracelet? Maybe you should add another "charm".


Shy Wolf said...

Handcuff key: $1
Gaffer tape @ local photo supply: $7.99/100' roll, black
Having the Catman back: $Priceless!
Thanks, Catman- so good to see you again!

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Hey Catman -
Wondered if you were going to get around to us ladies, we who don't wear belts everyday. Charm bracelet? Once in a while, and I'll add a key soon, but what else? I do have a small covered exacto on my key ring, but don't always have that with me, either...

Thanks for the ideas, anyway. Since I'm new in the prepping neighborhood, I'll be watching for more advice!

HermitJim said...

Very good advice this morning, buddy! You always have some very useful ideas for us...and we appreciate it!

Grumpyunk said...

Good to see you're back. Thanks to whoever posted your bail!

Ken said...

...good to see ya Brother(figuratively speaking)...missed ya that's fer sure,of all the shit i've acquired,a handcuff key aint one of'em(yet)thanx fer the tips...

Mayberry said...

Gorilla Tape is good stuff, dark brown. Great tip Catman!

tweell said...

I prefer a single edged razor blade, get them by the box at the local hardware store.

Catman said...

Thanks, Shy. I am a wee bit embarrassed by your effusive praise.

Baby Sis, I must admit that having never dressed as a woman, I'm somewhat at a loss of what can be hidden where. Maybe this might be something you can help advise other women on? :-)

Grumpy, I was "detained" at one point in my history. Being 'cuffed was unpleasant. I do not intend to repeat the experience. I'll take foot bail, but thanks for stopping by!

Ken, we're all going to have to get together at some point so we'll be able to recognize each other if we wind up in the same FEMA camp!

Craig, I've seen Gorilla Tape, but have never used it. If it works as well as the glue....

Tweell, an interesting item. Thanks for sharing! I suggested the Xacto blade because it can be used to cut as well as have the point used to unlock the nylon cuffs by inserting it into the locking mechanism. A paper clip is also very useful. :-) Use your imagination!

idahobob said...


Glad to see that you are back, and obviously alive and well.

Missed you postings for quite a while and was praying for you and yours that you were not one of the "disappeared".

I will again offer up the invitation for y'all to come up here to Idaho for a visit,(maybe extended).

God Bless,