Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stewart Rhodes - Oath Keepers on Coast To Coast AM tonight


Tonight on Coast To Coast AM, Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers will be appearing with John B. Wells.

The subject will be Unconstitutional Legislation, including the NDAA.

I know that some have problems with Mr. Rhodes and Oath Keepers due to some incidents in the past. Then there are you who support Mr. Rhodes and Oath Keepers. Either way, you now have an opportunity to talk to the man on an INTERNATIONALLY heard radio show and voice your thoughts directly to him in front of literally MILLIONS of people.

Click here for call in numbers, and SKYPE

If you are not a regular C2C listener, click here to find an AM or FM station near you.

The show begins at 10PM Pacific Time. Some stations delay broadcast, or broadcast previous shows prior to tonight's show. If you're outside the Americas, and want to find your local time to tune in, click here for Time Zone Converter.

If you can't find a station near you, you can click this link for a list of stations that stream the show over the web.

Click this link for KSCO, a Santa Cruz California Station that has very reliable streaming. Scroll down and look on the left for "Listen Live", click the link for PC or MAC.

Sorry, apparently KSCO is not streaming the program live.


I understand through Fel that many have been asking about me. I appreciate that very much. Yes, I am well. Yes, I am having difficulty with much of what is transpiring in this country and this world and that has led to a type of writers block.

I become so irate over things that I want to break things, including two legged predators.

The truth of how bad things have become is being hidden from people and it is maddening. Our town has seen an increase of crime. A whopping 48% increase over last year. It is so bad that the mayor pro-tem has a plea in the paper for citizens to volunteer to assist in patrolling.

And we think that's bad.

In Stockton, the US Marshals have been deployed to deal with criminals because Stockton's police have been so gutted by budget shortfalls.


Mayberry said...

Good to hear from you. I know exactly how you feel...

chinasyndrome said...

Hey Bro! I think a lot of us know exactly how ya feel.Glad you're ok!


HossBoss said...

Welcome back, Catman!!

Catman said...

Hey people.

Thank you for your notes!

kymber said...

i was very glad for Fel's post that you were okay and i am very glad to see this post.

we have your family in our thoughts and prayers always. you can thank Fel for being so awesome!

your friends,
kymber and jambaloney