Sunday, January 29, 2012

Police: Unconstitutional?

As most Americans blithely continue down the road towards a dictatorship, those of us fighting this almost insurmountable tide of the ignorant and disdainful have a duty.

Our duty is to preserve the true intent of the United States Constitution. One way we can accomplish this mission is by educating ourselves on the impact that many common societal institutions have had on our nation. We can then use that knowledge and reintroduce the original intent of the Constitution whenever we participate in those societal institutions.

We can do this surreptitiously.

No fanfare. No speeches. No proclamations. No one has to know what you're thinking or plotting.

Two of the most common institutions in the United States are the local police and the criminal court system. Two parts to a whole

The police are the arms, legs, ears and eyes and the courts are the brain and body of what has become truly a leviathan. Both combine to create an onerous and corrupt judicial system. A system that seems more motivated by profit than justice and is often lead by individuals seemingly bent solely on self aggrandizement than any true desire to serve the interests of the public.

It is a system designed to deprive us of life, liberty, property, safety and the pursuit of happiness. It only ensures it for the select and well connected. The criminals occupying public office within a certain 64.1 square mile district are a living testament to this fact.

Dr. Roger Roots, who leads the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA), wrote a paper in 2001 and presented it at Seton Hall's School Of Law. The paper is simply titled, "Are Cops Constitutional?". Read the paper here.

The paper is a history of the police in the United States and illustrates the rights and responsibilities that were those of the common citizen.

Your rights.

Your responsibilities.

It is heavily foot noted (456 separate footnotes) and is written in plain English and not legal jargon. It should be required reading for any patriot.

After reading the paper, and perusing the FIJA website, do everyone a favor.

Do not try and avoid jury duty.

Embrace it.

It is your opportunity to be a covert operative conducting sabotage right in the heart of the enemy's camp.


Mayberry said...

I was on a DUI trial jury once. The guy admitted to having a couple beers after work, but the audio and video from the cop car showed he was not impaired. Add to that the fact that "officer friendly" was himself unable to properly complete all the "stupid human tricks" of the field sobriety tests... Naturally there had to be some broad on the jury who just wanted to nail this guy to the wall, and she was swaying the soccer moms on the jury. She tried to make excuses for the trooper's inability to do the stupid human tricks, kept going on and on about how the guy admitted to drinking...

Long story short, I educated her about the growing police state and how it WILL affect her at some point. Finally got the idea through her thick, brainwashed skull when I hit a point that went home with her. Not guilty. And to my amazement, the judge told us we made the right decision. There's still a few good ones left...

Anyhoo, yes, go to jury duty. Hit 'em from the inside, and educate the sheeple on the jury.

Anonymous said...

Excellent paper. Complete with cites, a lot of them. Lawyers like that. Clearly told story of a police state.

Under construction? Nah. Nothing left to construct.

Mountain Rifleman

Catman said...

Hey Craig,

Good for you! Just because someone did something doesn't mean it is a crime because some pencil pusher decides it should be classified as a crime.

Mountain Rifleman

Glad you like the paper, and thanks for coming by!