Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink Blizzard And Death

265 Allentown Teachers Receive Layoff Notices

State Starts Sending Out 36,000 Pink Slips

More Than Half Of Costa Mesa City Workers Receive Layoff Notices

Detroit Sends Layoff Notices To All 5,466 Teachers

Just a sampling of various news stories from around the nation indicating what is spades.

Crowd Of Onlookers, Police, Fire Rescue Crews Watch Man Drown. Do Nothing.

On top of that, they didn't even retrieve the body. They had a passerby do it.

Congressman explains its due to "budget cuts". And blames "Republicans".

WTF? People have been rescuing their fellow man for centuries....long before there was political parties, training or budgets.

It is increasingly obvious that you are on your own. Better plan for it.


idahobob said...

We, my friend, have been on our own for a long, long, time.


HermitJim said...

Wonder how these guys can sleep at night?

Mayberry said...

Of that I've no doubt. Never have...

Humble wife said...

You know...I read on a regular blog that things are looking up, and I wondered where?

Not only are we on our own, but we need to appreciate what this means in the very real sense of security, provisions, medical, and the likes.

Thanks for another good post!