Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E. Coli: Homemade Bio Weapon

Learn the basics and know what genes are essential to keep your E. Coli viable.

Buy a kit for as low as $89.00 that lets you teach kids how to make E. Coli glow in the dark using jellyfish DNA.

Read the manual from the kit here.

Hone your skills, and get ready to move up the ladder to something more sinister.

Buy a kit to grow antibiotic resistant E. Coli.

Hey kids, how's that for a prank at your school? Dose the cafeteria, or coat the doorknobs (find out how many people really wash their hands!) .

Want to knock out some genetic material?


Want to insert genetic material?

There's a kit for that.

Once you've perfected your new bio-weapon:

Buy everything you need here.

Ready to move on up to mass production?

Buy a cloning kit to ensure optimum expression of your new genetically engineered monstrosity.

And you thought you needed millions of dollars to start up a bio-weapons program.


I am not advising or suggesting that anyone engage in creating a potentially dangerous or fatal pathogen. This was an attempt at humor to illustrate how insane our world has become. It is becoming increasingly difficult to exercise one's God given right to buy, own, carry and use a firearm yet it is apparent that people (even children) have access to all the materials needed to create something capable of striking down an untold number of people in an indiscriminate manner.

Germany's Bundeswehr, are you listening?

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