Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama convenient

As Obama's poll numbers slide to new lows, and precious metals, gasoline, and food soar to new highs, things looked dark for the usurper in chief.

The introduction of another lie called a long form birth certificate into the public arena didn't have the desired effect of silencing the critics. Instead it actually ratcheted up the rancor in nearly every political sector and led to shouts of "racism" from Obama's sycophants. Cries of "racism" have about as much effect these days as "wolf" did in a story we're all too familiar with.

In fact, it seems to have offended and annoyed quite a few who otherwise might have just ignored the whole affair.

Imagine that. People have awakened to the fact that "racism" only exists in the minds of people who don't get what they want and think they can mau-mau dissenters in to ketouing to their vastly, though self imagined, superior liberal ideology. Maybe the fact that the president of the United States is a black man, of uncertain parentage, creed, and national origin had something to do with this.

Maybe its just people have taken a look around at all the "African Americans" who have hugely successful careers in various fields from education to entertainment. Not to mention politics itself. Whoopi, are you listening?

"Racism", uh-huh. I'll believe it when someone burns a cross on the White House lawn.

Racism has as much to do with this as my Energy Star certified ceiling fan has to do with hurricanes.

Spiraling inflation, sinking real estate values, declining sales, failing cities and states, banks raping average Americans, three unpopular wars, a deaf ear to the concerns of average people playing the role of Sisyphus every day, every week, each month; ignoring the tide of diseased, illiterate, criminal aliens flooding our nation; the continued sexual harassment and assault of travelers by the TSA, escalating crime rates, failing infrastructure, the abandonment of America's Middle Class, the Ponzi Scheme known as "Wall Street", the militarization of the police, threats from government against it's citizens have started to hammer even the most somnambulant among us into waking up and wondering just WTF is going on.

Nothing has worked to rally the American people around this foppish, incompetent, illegitimate, arrogant imposter.

Now Osama is dead.

Hurrah, hurrah!

It is politics, gamesmanship, and attempts to control an increasingly restive public.

Pure and simple.

It is a distraction.

Just like Trump's activities with Obama's birth certificate and educational background, and announcement of his own presidential aspirations. Personally, I think there's a drunken bum on nearly every street corner in San Francisco who would probably be more worthy of the office than this ass. If you want to know the man, beyond just the bad hair, just look at his Wiki page and follow the leads resulting from the sale of junk bonds, investors losing millions of dollars, numerous bankruptcies, misrepresentation of assets, etc.

Does that at all sound familiar? Like maybe a bad chorus of the last 4 years?

Except now with Osama dead, the screwballs with the explosive vests, whom the TSA and all the president's men can't find, now have another martyr. Another brother to avenge.

But then, doesn't Obama need another "terrorist" attack on American soil so he can show he is the leader we so desperately need in these perilous days?

Watch your six.

Something wicked this way comes.


idahobob said...

Thank you for expounding the truth so succinctly.

And let us not forget the growing Gunwalker scandal that this administration is guilty of.

Time to bunker down.


HermitJim said...

Funny how the timing on this type of story always seems to happen when things are looking bleak for the WH and congress!

I wonder if they really thing that we would notice just how "convenient" all this is?

Good post, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Lies, Lies and more lies from the WH and the STUPID sheeple lap it up....


Mayberry said...

The wickedness will come from D.C. as it has for generations...

Shy Wolf said...

Yup- watch your six... this has the smell of dead fish, and not those in your harbors.

Rhino said...

I think you nailed it pretty good catman.Can you say False Flag Operation ??

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post
I agree.

What is this supposed to take our attention from? What is happening that we are not supposed to see?

Just another contrived event to take our attention away from whatever is going on.
An attempt to boost the ratings.

And no, I don't believe all the "news" concerning the of the death of Osama.

Annie Mouse