Thursday, May 5, 2011

LOL! Obama's lunch!

Obama visited New York today and checked out the former site of the Twin Towers.

While running around at the taxpayer's expense, he stopped in and visited a fire station where he was treated to a lunch of EGGPLANT apparently prepared by Joe Ceravolo (Ceravolo means "snake charmer" in Italian) of Ladder 54, Engine 4.

Read about it here: Obama Visits New York

Those of you who have an Italian background, or have an intimate knowledge of Italian slang can appreciate the symbolism of the dish.

Those of you who don't, visit this site: The Racial Slur Database and scroll down to "eggplant".


Shy Wolf said...

LOL- "see MOOLIE"... definitely a snake charmer! (chuckle)
WV:'rawaksa'- must be his secret name

Mayberry said...

Heh heh heh... Gotta love New Yorkers : )

Anonymous said...

As a swarthy son of a Irish-Sicilian marriage the one thing I'd like to say to 'Bongo is ...

"Coppische, boyo ?"