Monday, December 27, 2010

You Are A Slave: Documentation

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*The 14th Amendment Slave Status is the ‘Citizenship’ given to the black Negro slaves after the Revolutionary War, because the freed slaves had no country & could not vote. Therefore, the ‘US CITIZENSHIP’ was designed to give them a US status. As a US Citizen the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution do not apply to you.

These 10 Amendments are also known as the “Bill of Rights’. It worked so well for slaves, that in 1933 when the Federal Reserved foreclosed & put the US in Bankruptcy, which it is still in to date, all governors had to pledge everything in their State(s) to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Thru ‘Registrations’ the status of the people was changed to the ‘US CITIZEN’, from ‘American’ of the American Republic of each state a person is born within.

The American People have never been told. Everyone who did have this knowledge is now dead.

Your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is the ‘Straw-man’ or Trust’s name – Not Yours. The ‘US Corporation’ can only do business in commerce with you the live person, if you are a ‘Corporation Name’.

To this day very State has a ‘Trust’ in which all your property belongs to the ‘State’ for the Federal Reserve Deficit, – i.e.; your car, children, homes, bank accounts, etc...

Everything you worked for & think you own -YOU DON’T. Unless you stop the assumption, make public notice that you don’t stand in for the fictitious ‘Straw-Man Trust’, in ALL CAPITALIZED LETTERS & revoke all signed adhesion contracts & fraud & POA you’ve signed away & reclaim your real ‘American Republic’ born Status, you’re living under the biggest federal government fraud.

Over 25 Million US CITIZENS have reclaimed their Birth Right as American Republic Sovereign status, per CIA statistics.

If you wish to download and distribute the PDF of this informational flier, you can do so by clicking here

Several additional points need to be made here.

The original 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution ( not the one outlawing slavery) stripped those who accepted foreign titles of their citizenship and prohibits their participation in government.

Many are unaware that lawyers, in general, who are members of the BAR (mandatory, unified, or integrated bar associations) have ties to England and thus, to the English Crown by the bestowment of the title "Esquire".

Under the original 13th Amendment, most legal professionals, including judges, would be stripped of their citizenship and be thrown out of public office.

It is eminently documentable that the original 13th Amendment was ratified by the required number of states, and became law. Due to the outbreak of hostilities with the British (War of 1812), the dissemination of the adopted law seems to stagnate. The ensuing admission of additional states, westward expansion, economic upheavals including a depression, and a war with Mexico seems to further exacerbate the problem.

And then we get another lawyer as president.

Does one really have to wonder why it was ignored by a bunch of lawyers (including Abraham Lincoln) and ultimately supplanted by a law that grew out of Lincoln's self serving "Emancipation Proclamation"?

If you really doubt whether the above documentation is "real", ask yourself why you never get allodial title to your property. Even after you pay off every debt on the property, doesn't that mean you "own" it?

Not really.

Allodial title would make your property immune to any government actions, including cases of eminent domain.

If you really "owned" it, they could never take it.


HermitJim said...

Thanks for all this information! I had no idea!

At least I'm probably not alone in the fact that many others don't understand what you explained so well, either!

That's a lot to think about!

Nairb said...

As to lawyers, the term "esquire" is still used interchangably with "attorney at law" in some jurisdictions, but to the best of my knowledge "esquire" has not been bestowed as a formal title by any bar association in over a generation. My own certificate from the Supreme Court of Washington only refers to "attorney". Our bar association and attorneys have absolutely no ties to the Crown.

Other than that, an interesting read.

Catman said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the visit! Yeah, the rabbit hole is getting quite deep.


The bar associations, from my understanding, that exist in the United States draw their lineage from the Four Inns Of Court, established in the 14th century.

The Four Inns of Court are the true English Crown, not to be confused with British Royalty. The Four Inns of Court are located on sovereign soil outside the city of London. Think of it like a Vatican City for lawyers and bankers.

They are not subject to English Law or English Courts, but supersede them. Every judge or barrister is required to be a member of the Inn.