Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alternative To State Issued ID, Driver's License, Navigational Licences and Passports

If you're a First Nations person, Native American, or other person who can trace your ancestry back to those who first inhabited the lands we now call The United States of America, this is really up your alley.

These folks have decided to hold the US Government to the treaties that were entered into by sovereign tribes, peoples, and the United States.

Their licenses, plates, tags, inspection stickers, passports are LEGAL and valid. You may find yourself having to defend the legitimacy of these documents to uninformed and ignorant government officials, but the force of law is behind you.

If I understand correctly, these services are not limited to just those who can trace their ancestry back to the first inhabitants, but are available to anyone who agrees to abide by the rules set forth by the organization and have applied for, and have been accepted and sworn an oath of citizenship to a member nation.

Please visit the website of The United Nations of Turtle Island to learn more. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for contacts within the Nations are available to clear up any questions you may have.

Learn more about the legend of "Turtle Island" by clicking here.


Mayberry said...

I recall having seen somewhere in my internet travels an Indian tribe which was taking applications for membership. I'll have to go digging to find it again...

Dane Metcalfe said...

Thank you! This maybe just what I have been looking for as a solution all these years. I just never could stomach the thought of filing as a secured party on the strawman UCC as that just seems too much like buying into the psychopaths crap.

I ran upon your site last night hunting to see if I could find new material on Gene Keatings Prison Treatise, whereupon I have so far read over half of all your postings, so far.

If you only knew how many times I have lain in bed at night looking up in the darkness with a bitter heart at the psychopaths who operate this country in the name of "freedom" while they murder and rob and rape the people and the planet at will, and the frustration at being a candidate for a tin foil hat in attempts to wake the sheeple up...

You are very well informed, but you do not even know the half of it! Nor, am I sure that you want to...

I would not impose upon your free will by burdening you with what I have been forced to believe.

However, it is said that knowledge protects.

You can safeley read all of the connecting the dots series of signs of the times, or any of sott dot net, for that matter, without having your fuhdamental beliefs of reality imposed upon, save maybe your limited view of immigration and muslems, which is very understandable, as I somewhat am very much in agreement with you-to a point.

We can discuss this more later, perhaps. I may even drop in for a chat.

The chances of finding the following site on a search engine is slim.

It has a sister site that would be practically impossible.

The following two reads and you'll be hooked, I promise!



(Connecting the dots series)


(From Signs of the Times)


I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed reading your views,



Catman said...


I'm looking around for a list to post. I'm going to contact the Cherokee Nation after the holiday and see if they have a definitive list of nations accepting applications for adoption.


Thanks for the links. I'll have to sit down when I get home from work today and read through them.

Funny you mention the UCC-1 filing. I started signing my paperwork that my employer required with the UCC1-207 and UCC1-308 clauses cited after they sought to be able to distribute my personal information without contacting me.

Holy cow, you should have seen the fallout from the legal department! In the end, after much wrangling, they accepted that I had a right to enforce these clauses.

Maybe that can be a post, telling people how and why to sign all documents, even traffic citations, with those clauses cited.

cuzzin dick said...

Excellant post, thanks. I , being or having a little "blood" am interested in finding and learning more about this. Years ago, being "Osage", I was told that the rolls were closed and haven't broached the subject since, but, since it appears that the Native American is slowly decreasing in size, my thinking that maybe it is a good idea to accept those of us with "less" blood? dick