Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Answer To The TSA: Wear Your Codpiece

"Don't touch my junk"?

Why even let them get close enough to touch your junk? Medieval man has provided us with a solution to the closet homosexuals hanging out in airports just panting for a chance to cop a feel.

It's called a "codpiece".

Now, we're not talking about some flimsy piece of fabric or those leather affairs that gay men like to prance about in.

No, we're talking about cold, hard, steel.

Let the bastards grab this instead.

Next time I have to fly, I'm showing up fashionably dressed for the occasion, just like the fellow below.

And if you're the parent of a small child, and don't want to see him or her molested like this poor kid by Chester The TSA Molester, make sure he or she is also suitably attired.

Diesel Queens - Codpiece Nation

Even the Chinese are getting in on the act. Watch this hilarious video below.


Ken said...

...that's funny schitt...i don't fly,haven't in over twenty years,if i can't drive there i don't go...

...only thing that will change it,is boycotting the airline...sadly,too many sheeple just don't care...

Catman said...


Sometimes I have no choice. I guess I could quit. I'll have to talk to an attorney about going after my employer if I'm ever subjected to this crap.

I'm glad you saw the humor in the post. Felinae was appalled and asked if I was gay. Sometimes my sense of humor just completely escapes people.

Ken said...

...flyin' for job is different animal i guess,anyway,you could do as others suggest,and mock the 'safety' precautions that 'they' implemented,messages on underclothes and/or body that's visible to the scanner operator,moaning and giving directions to the groper, fear of flyin'isn't "security" related...

...fag from the fotogs???
...masochistic maybe,but not necessarily gay...lmao