Friday, November 5, 2010

News, Books For You and New E-Mail

There's a new e-mail addy on the right side bar near the bottom.

Here's a bunch of old books from the mid 1800's through the early 1900's. If you click on the link, it should open the file in your browser.

A few people have expressed having difficulty with being able to open PDF files within their browsers. If you have this problem, simply right click on the link and click "save as". It will download the file to where ever you tell it to go.

Some of you involved in the agricultural business may object to some of the information in the books. I understand, but please also understand the information worked for the people of that time. And a time may come again when we won't have the luxury of modern systems and we may have to revert back to less than perfect modern systems.

But first, the news.

I don't know how many of you follow Urban Survival and the Web Bot Project (Wikipedia explanation here), but George and Cliff have made some alarming updates to what they believe will start tomorrow, November 5 2010 at 2:30PM Pacific Time.

Personally, I'm very concerned with some very senior people in our government taking extended trips outside the borders of our nation given that we just experienced an election with some serious overtones. I'm also concerned about the money being spent on these trips and the security measures being employed. There's also the question of some of the sites Obama has chosen to visit.

34 Warships To Accompany Obama Overseas.

Coconuts Being Removed From Trees To Protect President. ????!!!!

Bomb Proof Tunnel Being Constructed For Museum Visit

$200 Million PER DAY For Obama's India Visit

Obama To Visit Indonesia's Largest Mosque

Then there's the renewed warnings as a result of Bernanke's latest shenanigans. $600 Billion to everyone who have already stolen most of what Americans had.

Biggest Risk To World Economy - Central Bank Of China

Brazil Retaliates In Currency War

Backlash Building Against Federal Reserve Monetary Policy

Glenn Beck on $600 Billion Throw Away

And rumors of Bank Holidays are again surfacing

Warning Of Possible Bank Holiday

I've been trying to gather as much old knowledge as I can in light that there is a serious chance that the world may go dark as the result of a Coronal Mass Ejection. A serious CME has the potential of taking out the modern world's infrastructure and throwing us back technologically a hundred years or more.

Back in the day, mid 1800's to 1900's, before modern technology gave us chemical fertilizers and methods of manipulating farming environments, people had to really work at growing crops.

Here are two books on a couple of staple vegetable crops.

How To Grow Alfalfa

Alfalfa is a valuable crop for both human and animal feeds, including bees.

How To Grow Cabbage

Known for containing anti-cancer compounds, and vitamin C content.

A few of books on bee keeping since you have all that alfalfa.

How To Keep Bees

How To Control Foulbrood

How To Winter Bees

Now you have that honey....

How To Produce Extracted Honey

More barnyard fun

How To Grow Chicks

How To Build Poultry Houses

How To Preserve Eggs

How To Build A Silo

How To Horseshoe

No more refrigeration?

How To Harvest Ice

Feeling Crafty?

How To Make Lampshades


Ken said...

...those who live thru the initial dying,will hafta relearn simplicity...

...oh yeah,thanx fer the linx

HermitJim said...

Many thanks for the very useful links! You always provide some really good information, buddy!

Grumpyunk said...

I gotta say thanks for these old book links. I love reading this stuff. I've got a fair bunch of old or reprint farm books that make those Winter evenings enjoyable.

Mayberry said...

Great stuff as usual. I'll make sure I can fit a mast and centerboard on whatever boat I buy. If I get that far...