Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tons Of Work

Sorry folks,

I've been buried with work, and haven't had time to work up any posts.

I'm feeling nostalgic for the 80's and the Beach Boys. You don't have to be a surfer to love surf style music. I guess its because I've been listening to the Beach Boys, Van Halen, Dio, and Y&T while I've been working.

Most people don't equate the 80's and The Beach Boys, so here's a little tune you may have missed.

Getcha Back, Beach Boys, 1985

Man, I miss the old MTV.


Ken said...

...Y&T hmmm ?...might it have been 'Summer time girls'?...
...been stuck in a flashback with all my weekend music too,and yer right,MTV aint been worth a shit for 20 years...

...don't sweat the lack of posts Bro'...tis the 'busy' time of year for the prepper...

idahobob said...

Showin' my age.....Beach Boys, 60's.

Don't beat yourself about the posts (or lack of), when you are working, you are working.

As for my self, we picked 80 pounds of tomatoes, yesterday, and will be makin' and cannin' salsa today.


Catman said...

Hey Ken,

Summertime Girls, man I love that tune. I used to go to the Beach Cruise at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk when I lived out there.

That song has been a fave ever since.


The Beach Boys are timeless. The stuff that gets pumped out over the airwaves ( and called "hits") these days is all but forgotten in two years.

Not so with the music we all grew up listening to.

Thanks to both of you for your support!

HermitJim said...

Man...it must be something in the air! I have been hearing a lot of the older songs a lot in my head! Glad it's not just me!

Thanks, buddy, for another trip down memory lane with the tunes that had some class...!