Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Glimpse Of The Future Past

Back in 2005, 2K Games published a game called "Shattered Union". I had forgotten about the game until Steve Quayle reminded me of it today on his site.

I never picked it up because I'm not one for turn based strategy games on a PC. I'd rather play chess with a human being. It is a much better turn based strategy game.

The trailer opens with the voice over speaking about a "disputed election". I think we can say we do have a disputed election. Many people, frequently referred to as "birthers" by the Liberal faction in this nation, think that Obama is ineligible to be president as he is apparently not a natural born citizen.

According to the blog Natural Born Citizen, Hawaii has confirmed that Obama's birth records have been amended. What the original records state will have to be seen. This is not in itself a smoking gun. My daughter's birth records have been amended three times because of the incompetent government employee's inability to spell correctly.

The voiceover in the game then describes "the most unpopular president in US history" being "installed by congress". I would say this is accurate. Congress has sidestepped its duty to investigate the alleged irregularities in Obama's past, not limited to his country of origin. This blatant disregard for our laws, conventions, and constitution have essentially installed a potential usurper into the highest office in our land.

"The Most Unpopular President In US History". Many hand the title to George Bush, but it took him eight years to achieve that. According to Rasmussen Reports, when Bush left office his approval / disapproval ratings were 35 and 62 respectively. Remember, at one point, George Bush's highest approval rating was 92 percent. After Obama took office, at 100 days his highest approval number was 65 percent, and it has been all down hill since then.

Obama, not even a year into his term, is already at an approval / disapproval rating 49 and 50 respectively as of August of 2009. September's numbers aren't in yet.

Keep in mind that during Bush's tenure there was a constant drumbeat from the media about his misteps, mistakes, lies and half truths.

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, there are 14.9 million people here in the United States as of September 4, 2009 that are unemployed. Obama is currently out there saying how great he is because he "saved or created" one million jobs with his stimulus.

Sure he has. Here's an example. Pawtucket Rhode Island, 7.5 million dollars in the red, builds a skate park with stimulus money.

California alone has a 40, yes forty, percent unemployment rate. Two Out Of Five Californians Jobless.

Personally, I have a problem with the Bureau Of Labor Statistic's numbers. 40% of California's population is around 14.7 million people. So, according to their numbers, unemployment in the rest of the country must be at zero.

Can anyone explain the discrepancy?

Where is that incessant drumbeat from the media concerning Obama. A guy who doesn't even know how many states there are in the country he governs.

I'm no fan of Bush The Second (or even Bush The First), but this exercise in the power of propaganda from this oligarchy that controls everything from the media to the court systems is simply outrageous. The dog and pony show will only distract people so long.

The town of Manteca here in the San Joaquin Valley sends out 1800 disconnect notices for utilities every month. Some people catch up, but many don't. What is going to happen this winter when people can't pay for heat?

Remember this? 93 Year Old Freezes To Death In Home

The voice over goes on to talk about "increased unrest, rioting, and a growing number of militias and increased domestic terrorism."

SPLC: Return Of The Militias

The American Resistance Movement

SCOOP: Washington DC Protest Draws Tens Of Thousands <---New Zealand. Better Coverage than our own domestic press. NY Daily News: Rage Boils Over At Town Hall Meetings

Al Qaeda in Denver

The list can go on, but if you've been paying attention to what is going on, I don't think I need to add more examples.

The voice then goes on to describe a descent into martial law, and the nullification of the electoral process by the Supreme Court. What I found fascinating is the woman sitting among the justices looks surprisingly like Sotomayor.

California and Texas secede from the union following the nuking of Washington DC and the European Union's deployment of a "peacekeeping" force within the CONUS to look after its interests.

Guaranty Bank

Texas Roadways To Be Sold To Foreign Entities

List of Agricultural Areas held by foreign interests. pdf file download

There's more. Just go look.

Far fetched?

You be the judge

Oh, you did notice the sign on the podium at the beginning of the trailer, didn't you?


Ken said...

...above and beyond as usual my's comin',fortunately we know it...

...bummer is,i keep gettin' the 'sooner vibes'...


Anonymous said...

The total population of California is NOT employable, so 40% of say half of the state is pretty realistic.

Anyhow, good post!

ErinAndBrad said...

A most excellent post Catman! Nuff said. The time is coming...

Catman said...

Hey Anonymous,

You are, of course, correct. Not every person in California is employed, so the 40% unemployment can not be based on the total population.

I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that. I re-read my posts several times before actually posting them, but sometimes I still miss things. I sometimes get carried away inside my own head.

My apologies to you and everyone else.

Ken and Ernie, thanks!