Friday, September 18, 2009

Intruder Killed With Samurai Sword

It is always good to have alternate means of self defense when confronted with an aggressor. When the subject of "self defense" is brought up, some immediately think of firearms, but here is an excellent example of what can be done with a cold piece of forged steel.

September 15, WBAL Baltimore, Md.

Good job kid. I hope you're not studying to be a surgeon. If you are, you might want to refine your technique.

September 16, WJZ13 Baltimore, Md

Whining from the "victim's" family. The guy had just been released from jail on Saturday and he's already out burglarizing people? Good Lord woman, if your brother had managed to kill someone, would you have been advocating capital punishment for him?

Probably not.

September 16, Associate Press Report

Justice is served, for once.

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Now, maybe you better get busy building some off the books swords before registration and confiscation of assault swords begins.

How to make a sword from an automotive leaf spring.

Better explanation of hardening, annealing, and tempering leaf springs for swords. Links to other sites available here too.

I just have to wonder if you get leaf springs out of a Suzuki Samurai and build a sword, is it truly a Samurai Sword?


Radio Bloger said...

You commit a robbery, rape, or murder, there is always a chance the attacker will be harmed or killed.

THEY KNOW THIS ! To them this is a business risk.

That is why predators always look for soft targets, and that is where WE as people have the right to defend ourselves. As we all know thousands of people die each year from attackers planning or finding the need to kill a crime victim.

You as an individual can NEVER know when a crime will turn into an attempted murder.

Good luck kid, you did the country proud.

Radio Bloger said...

What the hell is up with the sister?

Self defense is NOT punishment!

What business did he have with a sword, same as a gun - is she smoking crack?

And the one neighbor is an idiot.. I would run, in his case I hope so - we know criminals will call him a soft target.

Divided so many people - I bet they had a hard time finding the "afraid neighbor" - and he never said "he should be charged" - MSM whores in action.

Note how the "reporter" at the end said "the sword was several feet long" - no BS - that is what they call a sword sweetie!

I'm surprised they have not used the "racist student" uses Nazi allied sword to chop down innocent man trying to support several children...

Hey, I'm pretty good at that maybe I should be a TV news producer (local propaganda czar)...

idahobob said...

Give the young man a medal!

Heck, in some homes the boogie man may have a run in with an axe, or a sledge hammer, or horror of horrors, a 12 gauge filled with OO buckshot, with the owner of said weapon firing until all ammo is expended. Upon reloading, if the perp is still wiggling or moaning, continue to fire until any and all noise from said perp ceases.

'nuff for now,


TEAM HALL said...

Now that's what I like to see...a happy ending! Kid deserves a medal for sure!! He'll probably have some nightmares for awhile..hope it doesn't screw him up! And it's a good thing he's American...sweet Jesus they'd fry him up here in Canada! We aren't allowed to protect ourselves or our property.

ErinAndBrad said...

Way to go Kid! That is what we are about!