Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homemade Landmine Video

I'm not sure that this will work exactly as assembled, but it gives you a general idea of how to assemble an improvised landmine.

In my opinion, the nail which works to trigger the cap used as a detonator should be rounded or flattened off and not left sharp. If left sharp it will have a greater tendency to penetrate the lid, and perhaps not deliver a sharp enough blow to the cap to trigger it.

The nail head which is below the tin should have a larger base. If the soil is soft, there will be a tendency for the nail to sink into the soil and not give a sufficient strike against the cap in order to trigger it.

Are you familiar with "bang snaps"?

Several of these between a couple of hard surfaces along with some FFFg powder would work well too, but it would be extremely unstable as silver fulminate, the active ingredient, is highly susceptible to physical shock.


Ken said...

...amateur... what did i do with those 'toepoppers' ?...oh,and can't forget the detcord...

HermitJim said...

Pretty interesting stuff...thanks for sharing it.

lysander said...

Catman, you are an amazing dude. I'm waiting to see the homemade 155MM howitzer plans...Lol. Glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

You say it's not intended for animals or humans, but you know there's some dimwitted guy out there who's going to line the perimeter of his property with them.

Catman said...


I didn't make the video. People do all kinds of stupid things, and I'm not responsible for the actions of stupid people.

The reason I post these videos is to get people thinking about things they have at their disposal that can be used to defend themselves if and when it becomes necessary.

I appreciate your concern, however. Let's just hope that "dimwitted" people don't read my blog. ;-)

Zwick, thanks!

Hermit Jim, always appreciate your comments.

Ken, amateur? Yeah, maybe, but it's all about spreading knowledge and sometimes "ya gotta run what ya brung".

Northwoods said...

Hum..."Do not use on animals or humans"?
Just wondering what catagory JBTs would fall under?
I'm think'n they'd be the "Dimwitts".