Monday, March 9, 2009

Live in DC? Pay no Federal Income Tax

The outrageous behavior of the stooges running this country continues:

Check out the text of HR 1014 here on

Initially, the text of the bill (especially the "findings" section) starts out like something some of us would write.

And then you get down to Sub-Section 12 under "findings".

"In keeping with the early history and democratic traditions of the United States, the principles established in the Constitution, and in conformance with the other territories of the United States which have delegates but no Representative, the residents of the District of Columbia should be exempt from paying United States Federal income taxes"

Personally, I am not being represented by any of the people currently in office. Therefore, I should not have to pay income taxes. Most of us are only paying income taxes to keep the gun toting goons off our front porches since none of us have "income" as defined by the original statute (16th Amendment).

The really tragic thing is, allegedly, Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) co-sponsored this bill. Say it ain't so, Mr. Paul!

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Welllll, HECK!!!