Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tea Parties Have Begun

Over this last weekend in California, Tax Revolt 2009 began. This event has largely been overlooked by the corporate/government (aka fascist) media.

A huge rally staged in Fullerton, California drew an estimated 15,000 protesters demanding the recall of politicians who support new, additional taxes on Californians. Even once popular Governor Schwarzenegger was not safe from the ire of the gathered crowd.

For those of you outside of California, this state is in the hole in excess of $42 Billion dollars. None of our legislators were willing to make substantive cuts to the out of control spending this state is known for.

Instead they chose to cut spending for schools, fire, police and services for the elderly. They have also chosen to release criminals from prison, and refuse to incarcerate illegal aliens even if those individuals have been engaged in criminal activity.

Typical scare tactics employed to cow the public into kneeling at their feet begging for relief.

While all of the budget wrangling was taking place, the legislators continued to draw "per diem" allotments in an estimated excess of $5 million dollars.

We, the public of California, have had enough.

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Anonymous said...

property values go down but yet taxes go up. Go figure. You never truly own land in this country you just rent it from the government via taxation.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Got Tea, CatMan? Me & Bulls proffer a spot or three, it's needed; give shout!

Catman said...

I love Tea. Have you tried Rooibos?