Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Your Dreams

I'm going to ask you, those of you reading this, to tell me something.

There's been much written on the subconscious mind, and the apparent links people have to each other through through the subconscious. Shared dreaming, dream linking, telepathic communication, and even precognition or seeing the future.

The Bible is said to foretell the future in Daniel, and Revelation.

Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are said to have seen the future. Gerald Celente and George Ure have foretold today's events fairly accurately, and are deducing that the near future will be even more dire.

Precognition has surfaced once again in popular media with the release of the movie "Knowing".

There are stories of people who saw 9/11 before it happened. People are on record as having predicted "something" before the day the towers fell. Some predictions are closer than others, but all can be seen in hindsight as pointing to the events of September 11, 2001. I understand when people scoff and say that it is easy to make things fit an event after the fact, that pieces that don't exactly fit get discarded or minimized, and the ones that do get magnified. That is a valid criticism. So here's a chance to get things down on paper, so to speak.

I'm going to ask you, all of you who choose to participate, to tell us what you have seen for the future. For all of our collective futures. In your dreams, in your visions, in those quiet moments of contemplation and meditation.

For those of you who choose to particiapte, I will remove your name unless you wish me to post it. Just e-mail me your story (e-mail address:, let me know if you wish to be identified or anonymous, and the rough time frame of your experience. Each response will be posted individually, although there may be several posted every day as the stories come in.

I will post each of your stories, verbatim, unedited (unless libelous, or slanderous).

Arguably, mankind is facing the greatest potential disaster in its history. Civilization has the real potential of collapsing, throwing all of us back one hundred years or more in the level of technology we currently enjoy. Our future is held in the collective grasp of madmen armed with nuclear weapons, political ideologists, religious zealots willing to sacrifice even their own children, those driven by greed and lust, faceless constructs called corporations, cartels, and secret cabals.

They all stand there, one hand on our future, and one hand on a gun, eyeing each other. Which one will be the first to pull the trigger on the others is anyone's guess. Who shall be the one to walk away from the table and determine our destiny?

Then on the sideline awaits Mother Nature, who may just decide to toss that grenade she's clutching into the center of that group. Coronal Mass Ejection, a polar shift, a titanic earthquake, a swift climatic shift are some of the weapons she has in her arsenal.

If our civilization should fall, the methods of producing, storing and transporting food will change radically. Fuel production will be curtailed, and perhaps even cease. Power production and a continent wide distribution network will become a fond memory.

A state government's control, centered hundreds of miles away, will become tenuous. A national government thousands of miles away will become irrelevant. Local strong men, warlords, criminal street gangs will rise to fill a void left by the evaporation of "The Law". Angry mobs dragging those "responsible", everyone from the local police chief, to the state governor to the nearest tree for a date with a rope.

Wholesale pogroms conducted against certain "undesirable" elements and ethnic groups.

Prison doors opened into local communities. Imagine rapists, thieves, murderers or worse just outside your door.

Population levels will adjust as the great cities empty into the surrounding areas bringing with it conflict. Conflict that will make the mass migration of "The Dust Bowl" seem like Sunday drive.

Medical care will become a game of chance as drugs disappear and diagnostic equipment become curiosities with no power available to run them. No more labs to check your blood or urine. No CAT Scans, no MRIs on demand, not even x-rays unless you're willing to hold a photographic plate against your chest as you walk around that radio active slag pile that used to be Seabrook.

People who rely on drugs and hospitals to keep them alive, people with pacemakers, diabetics, AIDS sufferers, hypertensives, transplant patients, and others will be forced to watch their clocks run out. Can you imagine living that way? Feeling Death closing his cold, boney fingers around that thread that keeps you tied to this world. Plucking at it like a harp string until it breaks. What acts of desperation will this bring?

I think it is important to see what commonalities we all have in our darkest visions, in our nightmares, in our dreams of the future.


Sunfighter said...

I won’t make any predictions. But you touch on an interesting point. I have little doubt that people are connected in ways not easily explained. Call it what you will, but if you understand Quantum Physics, then many possibilities open up.

Entangled particles, multi dimension’s, the neurons of the brain encasing particles held in superposition, the human consciousness functioning in other than our four dimensional space. As bazaar as this may sound, the interconnectedness of people through some multi-dimensional network could well be an explanation.

Some times I write a blog post and see that others have also written very similar posts. If you live with someone long enough, it seems an almost telepathic state develops. So extrapolating on this, I would say that millions could be linked in someway. Call it what you will, but there does seem to be various groups that are in sync.

I also believe in time the answers will come from research into human consciousness and Quantum Physics. So with in this frame work, perhaps millions foreseeing what’s coming isn’t so strange…………..

Well, that’s my two cents.

Anonymous said...

C-man- sent ya a pretty dark prediction, hope it don't come true! But.....I predict you WILL change my link before TEOTWAWKI- hahaha-

Willyo- MYB Farm/Campground,
Big Bend, on Norman Ridge, WV

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Sorry I aint been this way in the last few catman-- new project goin...

So I'll get a story emailed to you soon-- my vision of What's To Come...

But we've all seen it...

Maitreya said...

I'm interested to see the results and hear the stories... Did you get a lot?