Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drug Dealing For Fun And Profit

I can hear my wife screaming at me, and she hasn't even read this post yet.

Hi honey! It's okay, I'm just sharing some knowledge and I'm not advocating anything illegal, and I'm not encouraging or advising anyone to do anything illegal or unlawful. I take no responsibility for the use or misuse of this information.

Local police, state authorities, the DEA and other federal agencies really take a dim view of manufacturing, distributing and using illicit pharmaceuticals as well as the misuse of prescription meds. So, again, I'm not advocating that anyone do anything with what I'm about to say except enjoy it as a piece of factually based fiction.

If you, or someone you know, has been negatively impacted by the drug trade or use or misuse of drugs, I am truly sorry. This post isn't meant for you, and I do not mean to upset you, and I will strongly encourage you to stop reading now.

I personally do not use drugs (I'd lose my job if I did), but I have this unnatural appetite to learn about a wide variety of esoteric subjects. One of the subjects that has fascinated me is traditional medicinal plants. More than just using aloe for treating burns. Eventually, the path led me down to hallucinogenics and their uses by native peoples in their traditions.

This isn't going to be a "how to" type of post. I'll post a couple of links at the bottom if people are more interested in the "how to". This is just something to pack away as a just in case bit of knowledge.

Those of us who have been around long enough remember the periodic downturns in the American economy and the coincidental rise in drug use.

The 70's, rampant inflation, oil shortages, high unemployment and the explosion of cocaine and heroin use.

In the early 1980's. Same thing.

In the early 1990's. Cocaine, methamphetamines, Ecstacy (E), and other designer drugs as well as a huge increase in the abuse of prescription drugs such as Oxycontin.

I've never been able to locate any real numbers for drug use/abuse during The Great Depression. My dad (born in 1921) told me that when he was eight, he was still able to purchase cocaine from a local apothecary even though it was banned from sale in the US in 1914.

People love to escape. During The Great Depression, Prohibition was also in force, yet this did not end the production and consumption of alcohol (a drug, by the way). Speakeasies were the rage. Not only did liquor flow, but entertainment was to be found.

Movie houses still drew crowds. In fact, "The Golden Age Of Hollywood" began during The Great Depression.

As we slide into what many are starting to call "The Second Great Depression", it is obvious to many of us that in addition to many perils, we are presented with a great many opportunities. This is the time when fortunes can be created, and empires built.

Joseph P. Kennedy is said to have been involved in the smuggling of liquor and guns. NASCAR was built on moonshine. Check out Mayberry Moonshine (don't know if it is our Mayberry or not but if it is, why isn't he sharing? Just kidding.). The mob amassed a vast fortune that financed the creation of Las Vegas.

Government agencies have always been playing catch up when it comes to the drug culture. One of the newer plants to become targeted by the establishment is called "Salvia Divinorum" It is illegal in a handful of states, but is still legal in the remaining states. Take a peek at how much cuttings of the plants cost on the web. Just put "Buy Live Salvia Divinorum" into Google. I suspect that when they finally manage to get Salvia on the prohibited list, they will begin the same war on "Painted Nettle". Painted Nettle is used as a substitute by native peoples when they are unable to obtain Salvia. It apparently isn't quite as potent as Salvia, so a larger quantity must be used.

The funny thing is, Painted Nettle can be found in many back yards around the country. I've seen it in the garden center of a famous national chain of home improvement centers. It is rumored that Salvia Divinorum was used by some southern states as a ground cover along newly constructed roadways because it grew so aggressively and covered the exposed terrain quickly. So, if you're in a southern state traveling a roadway bordered by trees, and the area you're in is humid and the ground is always damp, look at the photos of Salvia Divinorum closely, and pay attention when you drive around. You may just score.

You all know Peyote. But do you know the San Pedro Cactus? Peyote = illegal. San Pedro Cactus = legal. Peyote has a concentration of 3% mescaline dried. San Pedro has 2% mescaline dried. So what's the difference? San Pedro Cactus is found in landscaping all over the place, and Peyote is found in the desert and you'll go to jail for even picking up the plant.

While you're looking at the San Pedro Cactus, take a look at its cousin, the more rare Peruvian Torch. The Peruvian Torch is supposed to have the highest concentration of mescaline. Yes, you are quite right, it is perfectly legal.

I'm going to stop here, but I think you all get the idea.

If you want a really excellent book on psychoactive plants, I recommend "Plants Of The Gods" by Richard Evans Schultes, Albert Hoffman, and Christian Ratsch.


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Ken said...

...'78 to '83...a blur...since then just 'spirits'...now i have recipes for drink,for after TSHTF and you can't buy it...good beer/wine/shine...medicinal purposes ya'know

Catman said...


If you live in an area where any crops that contain a good amount of sugar are grown (corn, fruit trees, etc.) you'll never be dry and you'll be very popular!

Merry Christmas!

SageDancer said...

Fascinating article. Thank you you have given me much to think about.

Catman said...


Thank you for the compliment. I take it you are a fan of Salvia. I have several live specimens of the Wasson/Hoffman variety.

If it isn't inappropriate, may I ask you to describe your experiences? I haven't had an opportunity to speak with anyone who has used the plant.