Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance is a ceremony to call upon the spirits of those who have passed beyond this world to assist in returning this land to the ways of before the coming of the Europeans. It spread across the nations of the native peoples of the Great Plains. It originated among the Paiute, and was enthusiastically supported by the Sioux.

The US Government viewed this simple activity as such a threat that they sent the 7th Cavalry, along with General Sherman, to Wounded Knee Creek. There an estimated 300 men, women, and children died. Mowed down by indiscriminate fire from cavalry and cannon.

The native peoples of the New World, for the most part, welcomed the European refugees who first landed upon the shores of a very foreign land. The immigrants were taught many skills by their new friends that allowed them to survive in a very different environment than they were used to.

Trade grew. Friendships formed. Marriages happened. Children were born.

And then something terrible happened.

The former Masters of the refugees followed them to the New World.

The Royal Houses of Europe, and their monied interests, saw much more here in this new land than just natural resources to be exploited. They saw freedom and the fruits of that freedom. They saw egalitarianism in its truest form. Liberty in its unadulterated state. And fraternity, the much sought after Brotherhood Of Man, coming to be.

It had to be stopped. If it wasn't, it would spread. A healing of Man's physical and spiritual natures would threaten their control. Their positions of power. The very nature of a reality they viewed as their due.

Using the ages old techniques of infiltration, vilification, and discrimination, they set up to divide and conquer. Calling upon the most base natures of predators, both physical and economic, that had been introduced into the New World, they set friend against friend. Neighbor against neighbor. Culture against culture. People against people. Imposing their systems upon a society, dram by dram, to fight against an ever changing enemy of the State.

First, it was Royal House against Royal House. Britain against France. France against Britain. Everyone against Spain. The Netherlands and Sweden losing out early on followed by Russia heading for the exit. The natives losing on all fronts, being promised everything by their questionable benefactors, but having very little delivered by their traitorous allies.

Then it was those who opposed unjust taxation.

Then it was anti-royalist colonists.

Then it was the "savages" who impeded westward expansion.











Always looking for someone to point the finger at. Someone to blame for artificially created societal woes or the "Maine". Pearl Harbor. Both Kennedys, The Gulf Of Tonkin. Ruby Ridge. Waco.

Oklahoma City.


Their fingerprints are everywhere. Their DNA left at every crime scene.

And their crimes continue today.

Each day, a new abuse is heaped upon us by them. Whether it be them spraying and filling our air with their chemtrails, the TSA testing your beverage, or impeding your right to travel, the numbering and monitoring of our children as though they were nothing more than a company asset, or being denied our right to assemble and voice our displeasure, that dram by dram effort to place you in a corral or on a reservation continues.

You can see that they've run out of straw men. They can no longer point to false enemies across oceans. Because they're there too. Occupying those lands and enslaving those peoples. Too much propaganda is dangerous because it is often contradictory. It is better to keep it simple. Easily believed, and less likely to be checked.

Now they have started calling you the enemy. If you grow your own food, you're an enemy. If you wore the uniform of this nation's armed forces, you're the enemy. If you reject their injections and indoctrinations, you are the enemy. If you don't heed the words of their collaborators in houses of worship, you are the enemy. If you have a video camera, you are the enemy. If you blog, Twitter or Facebook anything remotely critical of the State, you are the enemy. If you simply ask "why?", you are the enemy. If you want to preserve what the Creator has given us, Heirloom Seeds, crop diversity, sustainable agriculture, raw ARE the enemy. Division. Vilification. Discrimination.

They poison the food with genetically engineered crops. They taint the water with their toxins. They contaminate the land and the sea for their profit.

The animals die. The plants die. The climate changes. Vast areas of the oceans are dead zones with no life to be found.

Each day, a little more of the Earth dies. Huge holes open in the face of the Earth. Rot and cancer eating away at our home, our Mother.

And they blame you and want to take your wealth and the future of your children to pay for what they have done.


“When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds. This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.”


“There will come a time when the earth is sick and the animals and plants begin to die. Then the Indians will regain their spirit and gather people of all nations, colors and beliefs to join together in the fight to save the Earth: The Rainbow Warriors.”

The time has come for us to forgive each other for the actions of those who came before us who were manipulated, or willingly engaged for profit, into committing atrocities against those whom we once considered "us". Part of our family. Part of our tribe. We must embrace all who love this place and call it Home. We must all be brothers and sisters in this struggle that remains to be won.

There needs to be a new "us". We're all Native Americans now. We've known no other home. We pledge allegiance to no foreign power or prince. We need to recognize that it is all of "us" against "them". "Them" being those who control the corporations, international banks, and seats of government.

We've all been dancing our Ghost Dance for some time now. We've all been wanting to take this nation back to the way it used to be. The way it was before the corrupt controlled our institutions and ran our lives. Everything that happened to the native peoples who once welcomed refugees fleeing a totalitarian state is now happening to us. We're slated to be rounded up and placed on reservations or slaughtered. The natives were given rotting food, soiled water, and disease infected blankets. We're forced to buy poisoned food, tainted water and pay for diseases being directly injected into us and our children under the color of law.

The State prepares its forces to bring a war to us while we dance on our blogs and forums asking for intercession, invoking our ancestors Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others. What happened at Wounded Knee is poised to happen again.

This time at your front door.

Dance your Ghost Dance. Heed the prophecy. Put your faith in your actions. Do not put your faith in the words of others.


Mayberry said...

That is the best post ever. Excellent work.

kymber said...

Catman - this is the most beautiful and eloquent of your posts and you have many. i love the prophecies. i do believe that all of us doing our Ghost Dance will have an effect - it's why we moved to this island! to get away from cities and crazies and get back to a more natural way of living, closer to the land and trying to be good stewards of the land.

i really enjoyed this post. i am having my husband read it right now. hugs to you and Fel and B - and your menagerie of pets! your friend,


Brock Townsend said...

Excellent and posted.

jambaloney said...

i can't remember the last time i have read anything like this anywhere..

so thought and soul provoking.. like kymber said, it reminds us of why we moved here..

i do my ghost dance every time i take my canoe fishing, my friends are loons, eagles, wind, sun and rain...

i have met some really friendly Mi'kmaq here that are willing to share their knowledge of hunting and fishing with me... i guess we really are one tribe..

thank you for this!

Warlock Sundance said...

right on brother.....

HermitJim said...

Excellent post, my brother! Ya touched me with this one!

Catman said...

Thank you all. Very, very much. Our friend Tom Martin, from the American Prepper's Network, has been calling me and goading me to write for a collaborative effort. I'm trying to get my mind out of the doom and gloom arena that the media likes to suck us into, and write things that are more positive and proactive.

Tonight, I wrote you all a poem. I used to write poetry when I was younger, but like many things the joy was taken out of it by those who just want to drag you down or turn it into a task.

I'm no Keats, but I think it will resonate with those of us who just don't say "no", but "Hell NO!"

chinasyndrome said...

Hoka hey!


Momlady said...

Most powerful.

Anonymous said...

hi. first time reader.
the prophecies made me cry.
i am from west virginia. daddy was a hillbilly, part chickahominy, and mum is british.
when i was in school the teacher was so proud that charleston was the chemical capital of the world. all that poison!! the water was terribly poisoned and yet people still fished the ohio river! they just didn't know. nor were we told anything.
i hope the prophecies are true but it seems more likely that most of us will be killed or worse.
it is written, "the earth shall wear out as a garment." and we are certainly wearing it out faster than ever.
here in ohio the great shale gas drilling is going on. people we know have not allowed it on their farms but farms nearby are grabbing the money. goodbye clean water since the benzene and other killers in the "proprietary" saline water formulae contaminate the entire water table. unfortunately water tables do not stop at property lines. in a few years or less the cattle will die and the people will have strange cancers.
where will most of us go for our food then?
a beautiful writing. many thanks. still weeping.
deb harvey
p.s. i don't know what a hash tag is.

Anonymous said...


JMD said...

Very well said. Kudos to you and strength to us.

tffnguy said...

Great post! I found your blog thanks to HermitJim and I'll follow his lead posting a link on my blog.

Billy Bob said...

Only one question here....who is "they"?

The White Man said...

I will submit to their superior force, but one thing I will never do is pledge allegiance to my oppressors.

Anonymous said...

I received this via my nephew and it is so wonderful to read something that makes sense for a change. Thank You! Being of some Cherokee and some Kiowa blood in my ancestry has always made me feel that I am more Native American than some who have no NA American blood running through their veins. But the way you wrote this piece makes me realize we are ALL Native Americans being born in our Great country and we do need to take it back.Thanks again. W Mitchell

Catman said...


So good to see you, and yes, should it come to that, "Hoka Hey!" will be shouted by many. Have you news of our friend Shy Wolf? Fel and I are concerned over his absence.

Thank you MomLady.

Deb Harvey, I am unsure if you were serious about the hash tag, if you are it is this symbol #. I did not know the People of The Coarse Ground Corn were still around. I am pleased to know they still are you. Prophecies serve many purposes. Some seemingly never come to pass simply because by uttering them, people change their ways and avoid the event. Let us hope that some of the Hopi Prophecies are only a cautionary tale. The Hopi have a series of prophecies for our future. They have seemingly been fulfilled and we are in the last days of what they call the 5th world. Read more here: It is interesting to note that when SkyLab crashed to Earth (9th Prophecy), witnesses in Australia reported that it burned with a blue light as it tracked across the sky. Do not be disheartened, sister. For there are more of us and together, we are strong.

Thanks, Anon.

Thank you, tffnguy. I appreciate the referrals. :-)

Billy Bob. An excellent question. Watch for a post on Thursday.

White Man, it is good to be proud of one's ancestors. Do not submit, for then your body lives on, but your spirit dies.

W. Mitchell, with the generations that have come and moved on, stories hidden and then forgotten due to shame, many do not know their own past. I suppose it is possible for many now here to carry the blood of Chief Seattle, or even Crazy Horse. Let us hope all of our brothers and sisters realize our common familial line and quit their bickering. We have a much greater threat at our door.

chinasyndrome said...

No sir no word on Shy sometimes he stays quiet and lurks and studies i Hope this is one of those times. Great work man!


Chris Miller said...

Very well said. This is exactly why we're taking our young family and doing a 180. We're done being slaves.

Chris Miller - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness