Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Weakness

Apologies. Been greatly busy lately. I have no idea where the time goes. It seems the sunrise and sunset are one in the same these days.

A great war leaves the country with three armies - an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves. ~German Proverb

We have these armies within the bounds of our nation this day. Due to the nature of business being a global concern these days, the thieves are spread all over the world, but sup at the trough filled by the American Wage Slave, er.....taxpayer.

The jig is up, the merry music stopped playing four years ago, and now the piper wishes to be paid by his employers. 358 of these pieces of filth have recently resigned. (read the list and click the links over at American Kabuki) Hoping to slink away into the early dawn without being noticed. To make it to the nearest exit with purse string and neck intact is their fondest dream.

The piper, you see, is you and I. They called the tune, and we played. We sacrificed to meet their demands. Overtime, missed vacations, missed birthday parties, anniversaries, births, weddings, the list goes on. Some gave much more than that.

Some gave their lives.

All this sacrificed for the all mighty dollar and the belief we were building something great. "A shining city on a hill." " A thousand points of light."

Moments, memories, events that can never be replaced and shall never come again all freely given because of our Esprit De Corp. A sense of unity and pride that was built on a lie.

A line of bullshit that those who called the tune kept repeating at every opportunity.

I'm one pissed off piper. I've been paid in counterfeit coin, and to make matters worse, it is dissolving into sand as I hold it. I've got a lead pipe for people who swindle me. I hope you all have one too.

I write this because I've been thinking much about what happened in Afghanistan. The soldier who, allegedly, ran amok and murdered 16 civilians. Can you believe there are some nut jobs claiming that this is a coverup by the American media?( see Sunday, March 18, 2012 )They claim it is a coverup because some say it was 20 people who were killed. Really?

That's a coverup? Hey, cupcake! How about Obama's fake birth certificate? I have my long form in my safe, and the DoD documents and State Department affidavits ( was born overseas on an American military base ) there too. If I had to, I could post them all right here in under twenty minutes. Why has it taken him nearly four years to post obvious fakes? And why aren't you talking about it?

Christ on a crutch.

The real "murderer" sits in the White House. His accomplices are the 358 pieces of trash trying to leave the party via the fire exits and nearly every single damn congress-person and senator that work day and night to enslave us, reserve our rights for themselves, and steal every thing that isn't nailed down. You can add to the list every damn president back to, and including, freaking Abraham Lincoln! Damn near every single CEO, CFO and lobbyist as well and quite a few judges, sheriffs and police chiefs need to find themselves on our list.

And the really sad thing is you and I are like the people who ignored Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax and YueYue. So many of us confident that some one else would take care of it.

And that is our weakness. Our supreme confidence that there's some altruistic public servant just around the corner who, like us, believes in law, justice and fair play. Someone who will make everything alright. So we can go back and worry about basketball brackets and whether a woman belongs behind the wheel of a stock car.

I got news for you boys and girls.

No one else is going to take care of anything. No nice man in a uniform is going to show up in a shiny car paid for by the money the state extorted from you and make the bad foreign mercenaries standing at your door go away.

More than likely he'll taser your kids after shooting you.


Mayberry said...

That's the truth. Pie in the sky dreams now dominate while reality is ignored. I don't really see any solution but those of us of a like mind retreating to a stronghold and seceding. That will bring the hammer of "justice" down on us, just as "Honest Abe" did on the South. Die individually or die together. Not much of a choice, is it...

Mountain Prepper said...

The folly is that so many think that they can fix this basic and intrinsic problem with a bad system - from within the rotten system - with the broken pieces.