Sunday, August 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Meager Win

Bachmann, while a congressional representative of Minnesota, is originally from Iowa. The media's fawning tones regarding her paltry 152 vote ( less than one percent) "victory" over Ron Paul is disturbing.

Fox News, the self styled voice of American Conservatism, chortles "Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll, Cements Her Top-Tier Status in GOP Race". Ummm, guys have done nothing but do the cheer leading for this candidate. She's in her home state. And she can only "win" by 152 votes over a gentleman physician from Texas who is alternately demonized, ridiculed, or held in contempt by even many so-called "mainstream" conservatives.

Straw polls do not offer surety of success in an election, but show early leanings of party faithful and gauge the relative strengths of candidates organizations. Mitt Romney's ill fated 2007 primary campaign is a prime example. Romney started fast out of the gate and showed promise among the rank and file of the GOP, even those identifying themselves as "evangelical Christians", but somehow the Republican leadership offered America the "no-choice, no chance" duo of McCain and Palin. Romney, was sabotaged by his own party when people questioned his faith (Mormon), while similar questions about Obama's Muslim Roots were taboo.

I've been watching this odd contest with interest. Something doesn't sit right with me. Someone is gaming the system and setting up a catastrophe.

This is what I've noticed that is most troubling to me:

1) WAY TOO MANY players in the pool. Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman, and Thad McCotter. There are others with small campaigns that receive no air time from the media, so its hard to get the message out, but they're there. Then there are those hanging around the pool like Rudolph Giuliani and Sarah Palin. These jokers are keeping the door open for a potential bid. Maybe just in case the wrong person gets too much traction, the system will throw in another face hoping to draw off support.

After yesterday, Pawlenty is out.

It seems like someone is intentionally attempting to dilute the poll numbers. Gingrich is as discredited as Obama, and yet someone has induced him to run. Given the expense of campaigning, who is picking up the bill? Newt knew the odds going in to this, poor ratings among voters (he's even having to fake Twitter Followers), cash problems, staff problems had to be noticed by himself. Yet here he is, and after garnering only 385 votes yesterday he hasn't withdrawn. Pawlenty received 2293 votes and he saw the writing on the wall and bailed out.

2) Rick Perry. The guy is another Bush or Clinton. He's overseen the sale of quite a bit of Texas infrastructure to foreign nations, and still seeks to push through what was once called the "Trans-Texas Corridor". Given the mood of the country, is this guy really someone who should be sitting in the Oval Office?

3) Bachmann's background. Bachmann studied with John Eidsmore at the OW Coburn School of Law, then part of Oral Roberts University. Bachmann cited Eidsmore as "one of the professors who had a great influence on me" (Read "The New Yorker" article "Leap Of Faith"). Eidmsore states in his book "Christianity And The Constitution" that the United States was originally founded as a "theocracy" and that it would again, one day, be returned to a Christian Theocracy. Bachmann worked as a researcher on the book.

As a Christian, I find that idea repugnant and offensive.

Bachmann has confused John Wayne, the movie star, with John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer. She has made statements, then later retracted those statements she made about Obama, and later said she was right by slightly shifting the focus.

Bachmann's background, and statements will make for plenty of political hay if she receives the nomination, which could hand the Democrat Party (and their allies in the Republican Party) a pretty handy foil to try and ward off further gains by a now emboldened Tea Party, which Bachmann claims to represent, and others interested in regaining a legally and ethically operated Federal Government.

Her apparent endorsement of Eidsmore's work will put her diametrically opposite those working towards the implementation of another theocratic state within the US. Islam

Not to mention those who want to keep religion out of government.

In my opinion, these are the types of distractions that help to keep the current system in place.

It's obvious who won yesterday in Iowa. Best wishes to the gentleman from Texas.


chinasyndrome said...

Amen Brother!


Rhino said...

The deck is stacked against Ron Paul.They know he will kick ass if he gets in.I'm afraid that if elected they will frag him.But I'm votin for him anyway

RevLawrence said...

I was a strong supporter of the Tea Party. Attended rallies, etc. until it sold out to the GOP. Any candidate that claims to represent the Tea Party but has an (R) next to their name will not get my vote. There is little doubt that the deck is stacked by the incumbents. Our only hope is to remove them all and start over. It is possible, but only if people get involved. Here is how: Check it out. It's free information.

Anonymous said...

Catman, you forgot Mr Dip-it-do from Jersey Donald Trump or has he quit again only to return later like a bad case of gas?

Bachman passed quite a few FREE tickets to a concert or something but I am sure that didnt have any effect on the voting./sac off

Did you see how many people voted? Not that many. I have seen more attendance at a local football game in my hometown.

As far as FOX News, I refuse to watch any TV since I think their all the same bunch of useless news turds but get different labels assigned to them. They should call FOX the Titty-Titty/Ass-ass network since only very lovely ladies do the news. Listening to all of them sqawk gives me skull cramps/headacnes.

This may be the year for Ron Paul. We need someone to go in and really shake up the status quo or cut out much of the cancer when have in America. He's for bringing all of our troops home and closing our foreign military bases. Yes, I want him to take us on a video tour of FT Knox. He has many good ideas but I strongly feel that the media will nit-pick him or any other GOP contender apart while glorifying our Socialist Leader.

Soon I will be moving to my mountain retreat and away from all the hype and shouting. I am done talking about them since I will have more important things to deal with in preparation for what is to come.

I am sick, sick of it all of and even writing this much has given me an upset stomach.

Its too late to work within the system for any meaningiful or postive change but it's too early to start shooting. If I lived in or near a major city I would be high tailing my butt away from there before a flash mob takes you out. That should happen around Nov/2011 when the Super Committee cuts the entitlements to poor city folks who have little or no means to provide for themselves."Looting to Live" will be their motto and all of us will be their targets.

Correction-you will be their targets, they will become my targets if they find me.

Mayberry said...

Yes, best wishes to Ron Paul.

Historian said...

I am reminded of the adroit manner in which Theodore Roosevelt was persuaded to split the Republican party vote in 1912; his candidacy as a "bull Moose" in opposition to Taft allowed the election of Woodrow Wilson, who proved to be an utter disaster as President. Wilson agreed to the establishment of the Federal Reserve, enforced Federal segregation, expanded constraints on trade through significant expansion of the Anti-Trust statutes, got the US into the disaster of WW1 (in direct opposition to his campaign promises) and finally allowed the Allies to impose such disastrous terms on Germany as to guarantee the economic destabilization of Germany, the rise of totalitarianism and the start of WW2. He imprisoned people for speaking out against the war, in direct contravention of the Constitutional guarantee of free speech, and committed various other violations of his oath of office. Let us hope that history does not rhyme yet again.....