Monday, April 4, 2011

"Bullets are gonna start flyin' and people are gonna start dyin'"


Anonymous said...

This gentleman is speaking the absolute truth!!!

People are waking up. Again, as this gentleman states, it's going to be a situation like this that will be the trigger for the Second American Revolution!!

Newark, Ohio

HermitJim said...

As we have seen way too many times in the past, folks will sit on the couch shaking their heads, saying "something need to be done", but they won't make a move to actually DO anything!

Welcome to your future!

Anonymous said...

The guy is spot on. I've been telling friends/family that we are not FREE we are SLAVES to the system. American is a police state - and it gets worse by the day!

Sooner Gal

Spud said...

Nothing will change until we do.
Go Galt and starve the beast...