Monday, May 24, 2010

My Country. Go Home.

Here in California there seems to be quite a few people who just love illegal aliens.

I'm not one of them.

Let's be quite frank, shall we? "Illegal alien" is a code word for "criminal". The first act these so-called "undocumented workers" commit upon entering this country is to break a law.

Crossing the border without a visa or a work permit is a crime.

Then law after law is broken as these people continue their migration north through the border states.

Homes are ransacked. Vehicles are stolen. US citizens are harmed or murdered.

Every single United States citizen is held hostage to the continued looting of the public treasury to provide services, everything from ballots in their language (why do people who have no stake in this land get to decide its fate?), education in their language, money and medical care to these criminals.

This land has become infested with criminals. They come from Cuba (Mariel Boatlift), Mexico, Russia, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya (hello Barry!) and just about every country on the face of the earth. The sad fact is we produce enough criminals here at home. We don't need to import any more. We have so many criminals we don't have room in our prisons and jails.

So we send some of them to Congress. And put even more in charge of our banks.

I'm sick of it.

Let's skip the whole racist appellation some of you may try and hang on me. Mexico is a nation. Mexico is a nation with many different ethnic groups. Spanish. English. French. African. Japanese. Chinese. Portugese and others. Then there's the indigenous peoples, the Acatec, Amuzgo, Chatino, Chiapaneca, Chichimeca, Chicomuceltec, Chinanteco, Chocho, Ch'ol, Chuj, Cochimi, Cocopa, Cora, Cuicateco, Guarijio, Huasteco, Huichol, Ixcateco, Jacalteco, Kickapoo, Kiliwa, Kumiai, Lacandon, Mam, Matlatzinca, Mazahua, Mazatec, Mixe, Mixtec, Mocho, Nahuatl, Oaxaca Chontal, Opata, Otomi, Paipai, Pame , Pima Bajo, Popoloca, Popoluca, Seri, Tabasco Chontal, Tacaneco, Tarahumara, Tectiteco, Tepehuan, Tlahuica, Tlapanec, Tojolabal, Toltec, Trique, Tubar, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Yaqui, and Yucatec Maya.

Yeah, tell me again how "Mexican" is a race.

If one more punk waves a Mexican flag at me and calls me a racist for not kowtowing to what is no more than a transplanted nation of thugs, he'll wind up like that bastard in the picture.


Ken said...

...No Way yer gonna let'em get off that easy Brother !?...

Anonymous said...

I believe the same way. Out here in the Texas countryside we don't see the same behavior as ya'll see in the big California cities. Mainly because it's not tolerated. The illegals have more of a chance of getting away with that kind of crap in the big cities, otherwise they know they'll end up like that guy in the picture.
w/v = uramarie (what you call the "progressives) ROFL

chinasyndrome said...

Right on Bro. Criminals.Illegal.Not legal.Criminal.


idahobob said...

Well said!

Chinga La Raza!!!!!


HermitJim said...

The problem won't go away as long as the PTB continue to support all these "criminals" and the trouble they bring with them!

Thanks for such a good post, my friend!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Nice shot, Catman. Dead on.

I love the flagholder...

Mayberry said...

It always amazes me how the left wants to wave laws in our faces when it suits them, then dismiss laws when it's convenient. I don't put up with two faced SOBs.Ya can't have it both ways. And since the laws that keep me hamstrung ain't goin' away anytime soon, these illegals can pack their asses outta here, flag firmly implanted...

Catman said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for hanging in there and putting up with my periodic absences. I appreciate your comments.

Things are really getting out of control on all fronts around this country and, indeed, the world. I think it will be soon when the someone flips the switch to full on chaos.

Rage can be a good thing, if nurtured and fed properly. If you can guide it, control and direct it, you have a potent weapon.