Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wi-Fi Positioning

As many of you know, MAC (Media Access Control) addresses can be cloned (duplicating an address on multiple devices), spoofed (lie to the network and say that the MAC is yours), or in some instances re-written inside of a device. In some networks, the MAC is called a DLC (Data Link Control) address.

In a nutshell, these addresses are supposed to be unique and are used to identify a specific device on a network. Think of it like an address on a house, or a telephone number that is linked to you. This allows data that is intended for you to find its way to you.

In the guise of marketing and customer service, the establishment wants to be able to link you, as an individual, to your so-called smart (network enabled) devices. Since they will be able to link you to particular devices, and since these smart devices make themselves known to networks (even if they do not access them) as soon as they are in range, this is a handy dandy way to track people as they move around.

Your cars, your phones, your IPads, your laptops, netbooks and many other portable devices are network enabled. And they're always with you.

No chips implanted. No nano tech tattoos, No radio beacons tied around your ankles. No guys in black SUVs following you about.

You're being monitored 24/7. Voluntarily.

With the advent of network enabled home surveillance equipment, and network enabled home security such as SCHLAGE LINK (door locks, home systems interface), they won't even need to break in anymore to monitor your activities. They'll be able to open your doors without you knowing, deactivate your security in the middle of the night so you have that oh so convenient drug induced heart attack, or watch as you view the latest Alex Jones video on Liberty Videos.

If you step out of line, it will not be difficult to spoof your location to prove to the corporate courts that your devices place you at the scene of that bombing, murder, accident, or in that house of ill-repute, etc. Nothing like the scorn of your fellow humans to ensure compliance with corporate edicts.

Again, I ask, is your prison cell comfortable?


If you're interested, visit the folks over at JAMMER


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