Friday, September 10, 2010

Forced Eviction: Homeowner 1, Cops 0

As the economies of the world continue to slide into Hell, the stress has taken its toll on the average work-a-day Joes.

People, who were at one time looking at a comfortable retirement, are now foregoing rose-gold for roses on a stone slab. Suicides are up among those who face the evaporation of wealth, the only thing they have to show for a lifetimes' work.

MURDER-SUICIDES: Economic worries taking toll in recent deaths - Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas is known for its high suicide rate. Many people travel there just to commit suicide.

The Suicide Capital Of America - CBS News

However, it should be noted that many of these events are taking place around the country and are not often reported outside of the local community.

Job Loss Leads to Death of 7 in Murder - Suicide - HULIQ

Cops: Ohio family dead in murder-suicide - MSNBC

And the stories go on. As tragic as these stories are here in our own country, we are often not able to see the plight of our fellows half way around the world. People who are, in many ways, just like us.

Often we're barraged with stories of the unfortunate in third world countries who are victims of earthquakes, floods and other natural and man made disasters. We're berated and brow beaten into thinking ourselves uncaring and bad people if we don't fork over millions of dollars that are frequently stolen by those who pledge to help the victims of these disasters or the governments of those people.

Yet, no one seems to care about us. The work-a-day Joe.

Here's one story from Switzerland.

Town On Alert As Armed Man Escapes Twice

100 Swiss Police Can't Catch Retiree With Gun - NPR

Einer Gegen Hundert -

The article is in German (my German is really bad, so I may have mistranslated some of this) and basically states that the owner of the home is described by his neighbors as an eccentric who at times mowed his lawn at night while wearing a miner's headlamp. The city of Biel (concerned about the homeowner's mental state) had decided to foreclose on the home and was attempting to evict and place into the care of a psychiatrist the owner, identified as 67 year old Peter K., when the shooting started.

Following the initial shootout, Peter apparently fled the house unnoticed by 100 police officers. He later returned, and again, engaged the police in another gun battle, only to disappear once more.

Apparently, according to the article, Switzerland has deployed "Special Forces" troops across the country in an effort to track down Peter and take him into custody.

All I have to say is, "Run Peter, Run"


Anonymous said...

I think mowing your lawn at night with a head torch is entirely reasonable behaviour - RUN PETER RUN!

Mayberry said...

That one brought a smile to my face! Let me join in as well, RUN PETER RUN! I hope they never find him...

Grumpyunk said...

Yep, Run Peter Run! I like that he came back, shot at them some more and then hauled ass again.

chinasyndrome said...

Funny how people always want to do shit for your own good! If he slipped out and came back his mind is clearer than theirs.