Friday, September 3, 2010


Fears Grow Over Global Food Supply - Financial Times

Food Riots Kill Seven In Mozambique - UPI

FAO Calls Special Meeting on Rising Global Food Prices - AFP/Google

Increased Demand Strains Los Angeles County Food Pantry - Los Angeles Times

Demand Expected To Remain High At Local Food Banks - Daily Breeze

Food Pantries Running On Empty - WKYC, Cleaveland Ohio

Salvation Army Closes Food Pantry - Lawrence Journal, Lawrence Kansas

Things are going to get worse as on going crop failures emerge from around the world. Russia's ban on grain exports have made the news around the world, but not much has been said about China's crop failures.

Extreme weather in China has forced China to increase its import of corn to FIFTEEN TIMES its norm, and it has also doubled its rate of soybean imports.

In South America, Bolivia has witnessed an exodus of farmers as they abandon land rendered unusable by expanding drought conditions.

Australia looks to reduce exports of wheat by 9 percent.

Those of us here in the US are already well aware of the issues that have plagued our farmers, and even our own gardens, this past growing season.

People, the writing is on the wall.

An article in Salon. Com, Why Our Agricultural Empire Will Fall, compares how our modern society's food infrastructure mimics the food structures of past doomed civilizations. The interview with Evan Frasier, co-author of "Empires Of Food", is an interesting read.

If you have yet to start storing food and making preparations for growing your own, perhaps this will help you kick start your own efforts toward food self-sufficiency.


HermitJim said...

Getting pretty damned serious all over! Thanks for the reminder this morning!

Shy Wolf said...

One thing that really sucks is that the Great Lakes shipping industry out of Duluth is having a roaring season shipping grain overseas. Of course, the unions are smiling and the workers are filling their accounts.
And nurses in the state have petitioned to strike next week- again, the unions are smiling all the way to the bank.
It's only going to get worse, for sure.

Mayberry said...

This is perhaps the most important aspect of prepping, yet the most overlooked. Pallets of MREs and #10 cans are great, but they will run out. We need to bring our food production back to the local level in order to survive...