Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oberkommando Der Allgemeine Und Waffen Shutzstaffel


Obama uber alles, mein herr!

65 Jahre! Die Amerikaner werden schließlich beendet!

Janet Napolitano oversees what is equal to the worst elements Wehrmacht Germany ever produced. Homeland Security has increased its reach and depth to nearly every part of what was once a free America.

Now she seeks to bug websites, social networking sites, your text messages, your phone calls, your e-mails and anything else she can get her filthy paws on. They want to force encryption program authors to include back doors.

Visit this site, Nationwide SAR Initiative, to kiss what is left goodbye. Your brain dead liberal neighbors will be informing on you.

Oberkommando Napolitano

Read a government shill's soft peddling of this crap here at The New York Times

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Mayberry said...

I am going to blow that picture up for target practice. I ran out of Obammy, Reid, and Pelousy targets...