Monday, April 22, 2013

They Don't Belong

The special interests that run our government are, as I write this, attempting to bring millions of people who want all the benefits of being an American into this country. Sadly, many of them have no intention of "being" an American.

The bill in front of Congress has 400 waivers, exemptions, and exceptions.

Why even bother having a law? I guess they want to make their lack of enforcement, "legal".

Living in California, I've seen it all when it comes to the really bad side of unchecked immigration. Rampant and murderous violence linked to criminal gangs comprised of illegal immigrants and their children. An increase in property crime and vehicle theft. An overburdened medical system near collapse because of the unending hordes of diseased, pregnant and uninsured border-jumpers. Decent, law abiding citizens unable to get the financial assistance they are entitled to because the locusts have devoured the stores. An educational system, once one of the best in the world, now rendered little more than warehousing for the intentionally illiterate. The Los Angeles School District reports that there are more than 92 languages spoken by its students and their families.

Just look at this Los Angeles Unified School District "resource" book.

Is this for a school or for prison outreach?

With that many languages, it would be possible to have three classrooms of thirty kids, all of whom could not talk to each other or their English speaking teacher.

How can a society be built from that?

I guess the Biblical Story, The Tower Of Babel, is true. Los Angeles was once a mighty city, with purpose and drive. A city with buildings that reached towards Heaven, just as in the story. And now, brought low, its people unable to work cohesively because of the constant din of the babel of tongues.

Where in the world can criminals march openly in the street, demanding "their rights", but here? Where else can a criminal go and have people (traitorous citizens) advocate for more wealth to be transferred from you, and your children, to them...but here? Where can a criminal go, and immediately silence you with a single magic word, but here?

What is that magic word?

That magic word is "racist".

I don't mean to pick on Mexicans and other hispanics. It is just that they are the most visible face here in California and the West in general.

I used to work with an illegal alien from Ireland. He came on a student visa and just decided to stay. It pissed me off because he was voting, and influencing our politics with his Socialist ideas. He was one of the illegals that voted for Clinton. He left the country, in a hurry, and headed back to Ireland back in 2000. I suspect the INS had finally figured out who he was and was coming for him.

James was of the opinion that when you die, everything you owned or had accrued in your lifetime should be taken by the state. No inheritance.

Nice guy. He didn't belong here. Like so many others.

Boston found out, the hard way, what unchecked immigration brings in.

So have many other cities across this land. While not as horrific as the bombings in Boston, they were no less tragic.
Because it all could have been prevented if they had been turned away at the border, or repatriated when found.

Boston, Mass - Illegal immigrant slays baby 

Boston, Mass. - Illegal immigrant drunk driving, kills man 

Benton, Mo. - Illegal immigrant child molestation

Milwaukee, Wis. - Police Officer arrested, identity theft - illegal immigrant

Dallas, Tx. - Illegal immigrant transporting 15 AK-47 style rifles

Englewood, NJ -Illegal immigrant sexually assaults teen girl

Manatee County, FL. - Illegal immigrant murders family of three

Aguila, Az. - Illegal immigrant kills mother for denying him sexual access to 13 year old girl

Houston, Tx. - Illegal immigrant murders 14 year old girl

Minot, ND - Illegal immigrant murders four

San Diego, Ca. - Illegal immigrant strangles 75 year old woman

There's no end to the stories.

It is time to say, "No" America.

Time to close the border. Time to send the illegals that are here home.

Before more Americans are maimed or killed.

You're not being bad. You're not being "racist".

You're looking out for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and community.

You're doing the right thing.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anti-Gun Obama Opting For Executive Orders

Pelosi: Tougher gun controls 'inevitable'  


Biden: 'The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions' for Guns


Yesterday, I wondered if we would see additional Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook events designed to push people into clamoring for gun control, or whether Obama and his Marxist / Socialist cabal would choose to resort to Executive Order to get what they wanted.

I guess the two articles linked to above pretty much says it all.

A Gallup Poll taken April 4-7 indicates that only 4% of Americans believe gun control is a priority issue. Ranking 1% behind Ethical/Moral/Family Decline.


This tracks with a Pew Research Poll indicating that gun control ranks 15th out of 18 issues Americans think are important.

The numbers are in, folks. The broad support claimed by anti-Second Amendment types just doesn't exist. I have to question the numbers they cite when saying Americans support laws that abridge an individual's right to have the tools needed for self defense.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen."

Obama's and his minions actions post defeat, from the tears to the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the uncomplimentary language directed towards those who prevailed show just how ungracious these people really are. And just how out of touch they are with the desires of the people whom they govern. Coupled with the poll numbers and their stated goal of enacting laws they want regardless of the will of the people, show just how right Nietzsche was.

They lied. They failed. Now they intend to steal a victory to enable them to move forward with their goal of disarming the American public.