Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In The Wind: Permanent Magnet Generator

Download how to permanent magnet generator (PMG) plans. HERE

This generator is suitable for use as a wind generator or as a hydro generator. Both uses are covered in this in-depth manual. This manual covers the construction of the generator only. Courtesy of Scoraig Wind Electric

Visit the above site for information on designing your own blades.

Another tutorial on building an PMG: Alt from Scratch

How to make blades from PVC pipe: Your Green Dream

Many DC motors that use permanent magnets in their design may easily be adapted for use in home-brew power systems.

Below is a video of a motor donated by a treadmill. (Pssst...guys....if the wife bought you a treadmill to "help" you lose weight....this is a good way to get rid of it).

Coincidentally, you can also use them to build your own precision tooling if that's more up your alley. See this Instructable Article.

If you're really upset with the wife, steal her washing machine's Smart Drive motor. I have a GE motor from one of the GE Harmony washers, and it looks very similar. I will have to investigate further.

More on the design HERE.

Need a simple charge controller? One of the easiest I have seen.

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