Saturday, September 25, 2010

Preparing For The humanity

Modern American society has, at times, made cult heroes out of the worst examples of humanity a seemingly random combination of genetic material manages to produce.

The names Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy ,and Jeffrey Dahmer conjure images of twisted individuals and do not garner much in the way of a sympathetic response from the public.

Yet, David Berkowitz (Son Of Sam) will sometimes draw laughter as people recall Berkowitz recounting tails of the demon possessed dog, Sam, that lived next door. The dog would command him to kill according to Berkowitz.

And the grand daddy of all weird killers, Charlie Manson.

There are hundreds of depraved killers behind bars. Many of these people have fan websites devoted to them, and receive mail from "admirers".

There are killers who have escaped much public notoriety. "The Iceman", Richard Kuklinski, is one such individual. Kuklinski joked in reference to murder that, "Giving is better than receiving." The Iceman is known to have fed people, while still alive, to rats and videotaped the episodes.

Watch the two videos below for a chilling interview with one of America's most prolific killers.

The Iceman: Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman Part I

The Iceman: Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman Part II

Then there are the legends. Stories of horrific killers that have survived years, and are still retold today.

Lizzie Borden

Charlie Chop-off

The Axeman of New Orleans

The Boston Strangler

The Phantom Killer

There are more. More than can be listed in this small blog.

Small time gangsters often seem to be a concern when people discuss the possibility of civil disorder, or even civil collapse. Yet, many seem to forget the real monsters lurking in our midst.

People who pass by unnoticed, and unregarded, such as the BTK Killer are all around us. Dennis Rader was for all appearances, an average guy. Yet something more sinister dwelt within him and was effectively concealed from even his own wife and children.

People go missing every year, all around the world. The exact number here in the United States isn't easy to extract as can be seen from the NCIC Missing And Unidentified Persons Statistics.

Even in other advanced countries, such as England, the problem exists as seen in the article "The People Who Disappear" A new organization, called the Missing Persons Bureau has been established after the original publication of the newspaper article.

Granted, many of the missing persons cases are resolved. But, what about the others? Estimates are that around 40,000 cases remain unsolved here in the US each year.

In the United States there are organizations such as NamUs, NCMA, NCMEC, and The Doe Network who work on these cases even when law enforcement consigns these cases to back burner.

So where are these missing people?

According to the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, between 20 and 50 serial killers are active at any one time here in the United States. Some have questioned the methods that the FBI used to arrive at this number, and postulate the number is much higher. One number I've seen is 500.

Ten Myths About Serial Killers - read through the stories within this article.

Then you have things like this:

Child Burned in Bed

Hayes Murder Trial

Accelerant Found On 2 Home Invasion Victims

There are just some really sick freaks out there.

Be sure you know exactly who is on your team. If things really go into the crapper, there won't be a 911 to dial.


Mayberry said...

The good thing about SHTF is that we'll be able to do away with scumbags like this rather than feed and house them for decades...

Radio Bloger said...

Fact: only 15% of Americans have criminal records, roughly 90 % of adult murderers have adult records, with an average career of six or more adult years, including four major felonies. - victims as well as offenders, finally, tended to be people with prior police records, usually for violent crimes such as assault, and both had typically been drinking at the time of the fatal encounter... In sum, it cannot be true that possession of firearms causes ordinary people to murder, for murderers are virtually never ordinary, but rather are extreme aberrants with life histories of crime, psychopathology and/or substance abuse.- Roger Lane, Murder In America: A History - Ohio State U. Press

Translation - bad people cause crime, not guns - intoxicants aggravate the problem.

Universal open carry, sadly will not stop all humans bent on destruction, and armed populace would greatly help, never eliminate.